Code Total Drama Reality is set two years after Code Lyoko XANA has returned after faking his death. When the original gang find out, they try to stop him, however Lyoko and the monsters aren't like they remember, they are soon overwhelmed XANA's new monsters the Terror Bird and Dragon Knight and Yumi, Ulrich, Odd, William, and Jeremy are captured my XANA leaving Aelita to fight by herself. At the same time Chris has brought all the past contestants of Total Drama back for a fourth season, one they do challenges in the real world and a virtual one by the company Realitech. During a challenge Gwen, Leshawna, DJ, Geoff, and Bridgette run into Aelita as she's attacked by a materialized monster, after they save Aelita she asks for their help and brings them to the factory when they become the new Lyoko warriors. So now they must juggle the show, it's challenges and Chris as well as fight XANA to save the world.



  • Chapter 111
  • Chapter 112
  • Chapter 113
  • Chapter 114
  • Chapter 115
  • Chapter 116
  • Chapter 117
  • Chapter 118
  • Chapter 119
  • Chapter 120
  • Chapter 121
  • Chapter 122
  • Chapter 123
  • Chapter 124
  • Chapter 125
  • Chapter 126
  • Chapter 127
  • Chapter 128
  • Chapter 129
  • Chapter 130
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