Cody's an only child from the suburbs who's been spoiled all his life. his ample allowance easily buys him every trend-setting, techo-gadget, teen-savvy accessory required to be on the "cutting edge of cool." he loves spending most of his time in the local mall (since that's the best place to study teams in the throes of "being cool") He thinks of himself as the coolest-kid-in-all-of-the-burbs (his words). At his prep school, Upper Crust College, he is considered pretty cool. So while he brags about knowing the "cool code" and has devoted half his life to studying it and mastering it (not really) and totally scores it with the ladies his real strengths are in the maths and sciences, which isn't exactly your typical "cool kid" skill set. Cody's confident he can "swing" with the cool kids at Total Drama Island (his words, clearly!) His only concern: whether the cafeteria will be providing the four essential food groups. Just to be safe, he's bringing a doctor's note, because it's hard to be cool while you worry about the hypoglycemic index in your diet. One day he will be cool, when he starts his own tech support firm and makes millions off the kids who peaked in high school (and slept through computer studies). Maybe.

Total Drama IslandEdit

Cody joined Total Drama Island in an attempt to hang with the "cool kids," as well as to meet girls along the way. During Total Drama Island, he is known for his huge crush on Gwen. This developed into something almost like an obsession, that often got in between Gwen and Trent. However, he eventually realizes that Gwen liked Trent instead, leaving the two as simply friends. However, he still helps out Gwen by helping her hook up with Trent, despite his crush on her.

When Cody arrives on the island in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, he is greeted by Chris McLean as the "Codester" and the "Codemeister." He happily notes that the girls have already arrived and when he opens his mouth to flirt with Leshawna, she silences him with a finger to his lips, and tells him to "save it" in an amused tone. Cody gets placed on the Screaming Gophers, and later walks into the girls' cabins to tell Gwen that she is smart and that he "feels that." When Gwen asked Cody if he was supposed to be on the boys' side, he grins eerily at her. His answer causes him to be thrown out of the cabin by Gwen.

In Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, Cody was scared by the fight going on between Heather and Leshawna. As his team got their turn at the challenge, Cody was extremely frightened when he jumped off the cliff, flailing his arms and legs and screaming as he fell. Despite this, he succeeded in landing in the safe zone. He said that bringing the supplies over to the campground was easy, due to the advantage his team received, and was pleasantly surprised that they got there so quickly. Cody quietly assists his team in winning the challenge for the rest of the episode.

In The Big Sleep, Owen farted in Cody's face during the twenty-four-hour mark when Cody had nearly fallen asleep. Despite not having any lines (apart from his coughing fit), he is able to stay awake for as long as Courtney does before Chef sprinkling sleep dust forces him to fall asleep. The next morning, Cody wakes up to Noah kissing his ear while still asleep. Cody doesn't notice this at first, but once Noah wakes up and begins screaming, Cody screams as well, and they both run away from each other in a panic after that awkward situation.

In Dodgebrawl, Cody was shown helping his team in the dodgeball competition. In the first round, he was the first one to throw a dodgeball, but he missed Tyler. Eventually, after a while, he was the only one left against Katie and DJ. However, he got DJ out by giving a boomerang effect to a dodgeball, and by rubbing the ball on his shirt, he caused it to build up static electricity, making it almost impossible for Katie to avoid, since it was like a homing missile. During the final round, he selflessly jumped in front of Gwen and got hit in the groin by a dodgeball.

In Not Quite Famous, Cody was shown throughout the episode to be following (and bothering) Gwen. Besides that, Cody was shown to be very happy about Owen's talent. When Trent arrived at the bleachers at the auditorium, he got comfortable, putting his hands behind his head and crossing his legs. Cody tried to imitate this to get Gwen to notice him, but he fell back instead. When Gwen is writing in her diary, Cody came up and began to bother her about the "journal." He sniffed her hair and told Gwen that she smells pretty, to Gwen's confusion. Heather noticed the two and jokes they were the "first hook-up of the season." Around then, Cody tried to watch Gwen change into her bathing suit, but Cody ended up getting a door slammed in his face, due to Gwen's fast changing. He and Owen did a cannonball near Gwen, soaking her and making her leave the dock angered. During the talent show, at Heather's performance of reading Gwen's diary, Cody believed it is him that Gwen must be secretly in love with, until the diary mentioned that her secret crush played the guitar, which is not one of Cody's skills.

In The Sucky Outdoors, Cody did not seem to have Gwen on his mind very much, so he may have temporarily given up on her for the moment. He had also been embarrassed by peeing in his pants twice in fear when the bear showed up at the campsite.

In Phobia Factor, when DJ got scared of the gummy worm, which he thought was a snake, Cody tried to calm him down. Cody's fear was to diffuse a time bomb under pressure. Due to this, he had to diffuse a garbage time bomb in ten minutes, as noted by Chris McLean. He failed his challenge, and when he was searching for someone to help him, he caused Bridgette to fail her challenge, because she was terrified of his appearance, as he was covered in garbage. Later, he calculates (and points out) that the Killer Bass cannot win, due to the score being seven to three, with the Gophers in the lead.

In Up the Creek, Cody once again tried to make a move on Gwen, in order to get her to like him. He tried to make Gwen his partner, but she only agreed because Beth and Lindsay had already taken Trent as their partner. Cody asked Gwen on a date three times, but she declined them all. The third attempt led to Cody being hit in the groin by a canoe paddle. While they were still in the canoe, Cody realized that Gwen liked Trent instead of him, and Cody promised that he would get the two in a canoe together on the way back from the island. Cody then revealed he made a bet with Owen that if he got one of Gwen's bras, then Owen would do his dishes for the rest of the season, but him revealing this caused him to be whacked in the groin again. Once they got to Boney Island, Cody noticed the woolly beavers and also saved his team from the Stymphalian Canadian Geese with bread from his pants, that he said he brought with him intending to have a "romantic picnic" with Gwen. Later that episode, Lindsay and Trent got stuck in quicksand. To save them, Cody grabbed onto a vine and attempted to swing to Trent, but crashed into a tree. However, the vine swung back over the quicksand, so that Trent could take hold of it and get Lindsay and himself to safety. Lindsay called Cody her hero and hugged him. Later in the episode, Cody got Gwen and Trent in the same canoe. This selfless action made Gwen and Cody close friends, and Cody got one of Gwen's bras in reward, thus winning Owen's bet. After finding the bra below his bedsheets, he lets Owen examine it and then tells him that a "gentleman never kisses and tells" after Owen asks how Cody got it.

In Paintball Deer Hunter, Cody was the only one who was excited on his team that he was a deer (suggesting that he was somewhat of an optimist). When he was in the confessional, he was shown after he was mauled by the bear, even before the attack, implying that the only confessional was in the camp site. He hid behind one of the bushes until Beth walked by, and Cody then talked to her for a while to see how it was going. Once Heather and Beth began to argue, Cody took the chips and ran. As he called Barbecue the "King of Chip Flavors," he left crumbs on his way, and didn't notice there was a hole in the bag. Once he found berries, a bear found him by following the crumbs and mauled him. This left him with a full body cast, a black eye, several scratches, and a wheelchair. Cody got eliminated because of the fact that his injury would make him useless in challenges. At the Dock of Shame, Beth kisses Cody on the cheek, and shows him her Tiki Idol. Cody tried to tell her that it was bad luck, but he couldn't due to the bandages around his face and mouth, and his wheelchair fell and sunk into the lake (because, strangely, the Boat of Losers wasn't even present at the time).

However, Cody was shown to be fine in Haute Camp-ture and fully healed from the bear's attack (how he managed to get to the "elimination paradise" while still injured was never revealed, but he most likely floated to the island). He spent most of his time at Playa Des Losers trying to get a tan, but he fails and gets a sunburn instead (most likely because he forgot to use sun screen). He wanted Gwen to win, saying that as long as Gwen was happy, he was happy. Trent and Cody had gained a mutual respect for each other over this. He was also shown to be healed from the sunburn three episodes later. In The Very Last Episode, Really!, Gwen considers Cody one of the five sane people on the island (considering that everyone else was insane, evil, weird, overly lively or something else) and Cody sides with Gwen, even after Owen announces the party. In the alternate ending, after Gwen wins, he tries to high-five Eva, but she knocks him over.

In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, he teams up with Owen, DJ, and Tyler to get the one million dollar case. He acts as the brains of this small group, coming up with many ways to keep them all in line, and not betray one another. He and his team are the first to find the case, but they quickly lose it. Cody's skills in the special are notable, as he was the only one who could trick Justin into a moment of weakness to allow his group to steal the case from him. He was also the unfortunate victim of Courtney, who put him in a headlock while demanding the case from the others. Since he was the one who had to suffer the consequences, he tries to propose a compromise, but nobody agrees to it. Cody and his team wind up on the diving board and fall off when it breaks. Though DJ and Owen fell on a nearby plane wing and were able to make it to the dock and qualify for Total Drama Action, Cody and Tyler fell into the tub below, and therefore, were unable to make it to the dock in time, making them ineligible to compete for the money again in the next season.

Total Drama ActionEdit

Cody is amongst the other unqualified characters in the talk show, Total Drama Aftermath. He appears in The Aftermath: I along with the other "losers," watching Bridgette and Geoff interview Izzy and Trent. Cody is notably one of the few characters who remains siding with Gwen regarding the break-up situation between her and Trent. It is revealed that Cody is still in possession of one of Gwen's bras that was given to him in Up the Creek.

Cody also appears in The Aftermath: II and The Aftermath: III, but doesn't do or say anything of importance. He does, however, gasp in shock at the end of of Mutiny on the Soundstage along with everyone else when he sees that it was a tie.

In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special sometime after Total Drama Action, Cody, Trent, Harold, and Justin created a boy band called The Drama Brothers, which later broke up when Harold went solo. Cody went on the tour bus to try to reclaim his popularity after some encouraging words from Sierra. After Chris rescues the cast, Cody makes it to the new season: Total Drama World Tour. Little did he know, Sierra has had her eye on him for quite some time.

Total Drama World TourEdit

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, Cody is immediately greeted by Sierra when she gets to the airport by showing her massive obsession with him, which was interrupted by the Total Drama Jumbo Jet arriving. As the contestants board the plane, Sierra reveals Cody's full name and his birthday, and called him her very own "April Fool" due to the fact that he was born on April first. During the song Come Fly With Us, Cody has a short duet with Sierra and persuades Gwen to sing when she wouldn't. During the challenge "Pyramid Over Under," Cody teams up with Sierra and Heather to go under the pyramid. They start running away from a mummy in the pyramid who is nothing more than Izzy wrapped in mummy bandages. The trio come running out of the pyramid, Cody being hauled by Sierra. After a group hug, the group is split, with Sierra on Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot while Heather and Cody go on Team Amazon along with Izzy, Courtney and Gwen. After Duncan leaves the show, Cody helps up a semi-devastated Gwen and relishes it while he's in the confessional, stating that he loves girls on the rebound because he gets to buy them a pop and listen to them, although he admits that they still won't go out with him.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2, Cody is shown working with Team Amazon again. Sierra reveals that he still sleeps with a stuffed emu named Jerry, which she discovered when she called his aunt and pretended to be a telemarketer. Cody tries to rekindle his one-sided romance with Gwen and suggests himself as a good new boyfriend for her. He then invites her to have a slushie with him, but he is quickly insulted by Heather, causing him to fall back on his plan for Gwen. He states in the confessional that he would win her over eventually, for it's only a matter of time, persistence, and humiliation and that he was born to be humiliated. He ended up riding on the backside of the camel, which caused his face to be soiled by its feces. Later in the episode, Sierra and Izzy swap teams so Sierra can be on Team Amazon with Cody. Cody's team wins the challenge and escapes elimination.

In Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan, everyone on Team Amazon was arguing about who will do the pinball challenge, except Cody and Sierra. Cody tells the team to stop bickering and volunteers to do it himself. Sierra, instead of a panda bear like for the others, is put into the pinball with him and they finish in last place. During the challenge, Sierra kisses him many times. Cody reveals in the confessional that her gum got stuck in his ear somehow. In the second challenge, Gwen, Courtney, and Heather refuse to do anything, due to leadership issues, and because of their different ideas for the challenge and nearly throw the challenge. However, Cody and Sierra do the challenge themselves and win it in hopes that it would bring Team Amazon together. Their commercial contained ideas from all the other three girls and Cody dubbed the voice of the dead bird, which appeared in the end of their video. They win the challenge because of Chef Hatchet's love of "exploding donuts" and get to stay in the winner's cabin once again.

In Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, Cody is sleeping peacefully in the winner's compartment, until he realizes that Sierra is giving him a foot rub, which frightens him. He asks her to stop rubbing his feet, since he hates having his feet touched, but she ignores the request and paralyzes him instead. In the confessional, he warns everyone not to fall asleep near a stalker and then ponders where he can get shoes with locks on them. When Courtney mentions cuddling for warmth in the Yukon, Cody heads for Gwen roguishly, which Sierra then grabs him as Gwen puts her hand up to block him. After Gwen's ice floe breaks, Cody attempts to save her, but ends up slipping on his ice floe and bumping into Owen. A polar bear then rises from the water, and tilts the ice floe over to eat Cody and Owen, but before he proceeds in doing so, the polar bear is hit with a piece of ice, courtesy of Sierra. However, Sierra unwittingly also knocks Cody and Owen into the icy water. When Owen pees himself in the water, Cody swims away. After hopping onto an ice floe, and paddling with a trout, Sierra saves Cody. She then states that she must get Cody to shore fast, and tosses Cody back to shore, after twirling him in the air. However, Cody hits a large rock and a large mount of snow falls on him. Later in the episode, Cody is picked up by Gwen, Courtney, and Heather in a sled, although he remains partly frozen. Cody is seen in Stuck to a Pole, but is unable to sing, due to his frozen status. Team Amazon arrives second in the sled-race, and does not go to the elimination ceremony.

Cody is warming up in Broadway, Baby! due to being frozen in the previous episode, and Sierra begins to warm his feet by rubbing them. He automatically becomes cautious when Heather starts to talk to him, since she has only talked to him three times before, including this time. When climbing the rope, he was second to last, by Sierra's request. He was the one to take the baby carriage to the boat when his team got it. Unfortunately, Cody falls off the boat during the race, which puts his team in last place for that portion. He was chosen by his teammates to be the baby and thought Sierra was weird when she acted like a seal. Eventually Team Amazon won and they got to enjoy the rewards. Cody was upset with Chris when he called him a lady and a baby. Cody was the first to open a giant apple and was happy with the prize. He may have a sweet tooth, as he began hoarding candy into his backpack, which prompted Courtney to ask him to share. In a scene cut from the American airing, Cody, while climbing up the Statue of Liberty, gets distracted by the bosom of Lady Liberty and accidentally falls into it. Tyler calls his fall a "Ten-Point Landing." He begins to fall deeper into it and Sierra enters the scene, climbing up the rope. She sees Cody in trouble and swings over to grab him with her teeth before he falls too far down. In the cockpit of the plane, Cody is shown bandaging his ankle. He claims that he thought that he was going to die in there. Chef who is also in the cockpit, claims that it would have been a good way to go and Cody agrees.

In Slap Slap Revolution, Cody is sleeping on the flight but this time he has a warning system around him. He does this in order to let him know if Sierra is around. A flight attendant rings the bell trap that he set accidentally and startles him, but he goes back to sleep after he sees that it isn't Sierra. Later while sleeping, he sucks Sierra's thumb which he claims to taste like an armpit. During the sausage-making challenge, his job is to stuff the sausage. Noah teases him for having a, "tiny sausage," an innuendo in reference to Team Amazon's unimpressive sausage. Cody, Sierra and Heather decide to do the dancing part of the challenge after finishing in last place for the first part. Chris says that someone on Team Amazon has to wear lederhosen because Team Amazon lost the sausage challenge so Cody tries to convince Sierra to wear it because he doesn't want Gwen to see him in something like that. He tells Sierra that she'll look hot in it, so she would want to wear them. She begs Chris to let her wear it and as a result, Cody must wear it anyway. When the dance challenge starts, Noah teases Cody once again, making fun of him for having to wear lederhosen, while Cody complains about how it feels like being given a double-wedgie. Team Amazon ends up winning the challenge yet again.

In The Am-AH-Zon Race, Cody reveals that he is allergic to bug bites, and requires an EpiPen to stop the reaction. Chris needs to give it to one of his teammates, so Cody begs Gwen to take it instead of Sierra. She agrees and Chris gives it to her. When the paths split, he says that Gwen should decide where they should go. On the path, he tells her that to use the medicine, she has to inject it into his naked butt cheek. She immediately gives the medicine back to him and walks away in disgust; Cody is suddenly picked up by a large flying insect. Sierra throws a rock at it and saves him. Once they are captured by the Zing-Zing tribe, Cody says they need the batteries from his flashlight to use for the walkie-talkie to call for help. He tells Gwen to reach into his pocket to get it, much to his pleasure. In the process, she finds X-Ray glasses and looks to see what color his underwear is, only to find that he isn't wearing any. Cody's EpiPen stabs Gwen in the hand, and Cody tries to reassure her it's just a small shot of adrenaline, but her body doesn't take it well and becomes hyper and jittery. After the challenge, Cody is bit on the thumb by a red ant, which swells up. He wears a wrapping around it for the rest of the episode, and Sierra tries to suck the poison out. When Chris shows the votes at the end of the episode, it is revealed that Cody voted for Sierra, which causes her to cry.

In Can't Help Falling in Louvre, Cody is still shown to be very sorry about his vote from the previous episode. When Sierra is dragged off, Alejandro tells Cody it is safe and he is shown hiding in part of the lower-class in a cargo compartment. During Alejandro's confessional, Cody said he could not believe that Sierra had gotten so sad just because of one vote. When everyone arrived in Paris, Sierra did nothing but cry about what happened, while Cody spent the entire episode trying to apologize to her, even after Sierra made a whole song about her anger. Trying to make her feel better, Cody constructed a back drop of the Eiffel Tower in an attempt to have a "romantic" dinner, even though Sierra refused to drink her drink because she knew he was only doing it out of sorrow. Eventually, Cody got very frustrated with the crying and yelled at Sierra to "put a sock in it." Cody then said that he really hated today, because Sierra wasn't bugging him as usual. He also commented that while it was annoying, she did it with a certain enthusiasm, and he wasn't used to all of the crying, and he wanted it back the way they were before, with her stalking him. This finally made Sierra stop crying and she forgives him.

In the beginning of Newf Kids on the Rock, Cody is in the first class cabin along with the rest of his team. Heather finds his toothbrush that he was hiding from Sierra. Cody and Sierra were chosen to row their team's boat and listen to Courtney's orders. When Courtney and Gwen were looking for Duncan, Cody fell out of the boat trying to avoid Sierra. After that, Sierra begins to tell an history of when she first meet Cody, encountering him outside his window on a white horse, Cody tries to stop it, but Sierra tries to continue until Courtney stop her. He and his team fall way behind and don't even do the challenge when they get last place. However the challenge is a reward and they don't have to vote anyone off.

During Jamaica Me Sweat, Cody is told to perform the cliff diving challenge first because of the guys first rule. When he jumps, he falls where the shark is in, and then the shark proceeds to punch him in the face until he escapes and then pass the turn to Heather. He is later seen when he and Sierra perform the toboggan race together, in which they get a decent time the first round, and in the third round, they get a pretty bad score, causing their team to place second in the challenge.

In the beginning of I See London... he is seen in the economy class along the rest of his team, when Gwen reveals that her hand has a sunburn. Cody revealed that when they were in Jamaica, he tells Tyler to take a photo of him and the beach down to a umbrella, as Gwen is sleeping, and that make sure her bikini is shown. After Tyler took two photos, Gwen is apparently going to wake up, so he and Tyler run off and Cody accidentally knocks off the umbrella, causing her hand to be unprotected from the sun. He is later shown when he tries to get with his teammates, but Sierra stops him and begins to say that if he could give Sierra a kiss... which annoys Cody, while he is trying to tell Sierra that he would not give her a kiss, Jack the Ripper then suddenly appears and stuffs them in a bag. He is later seen with others, safe and enjoying the fact that his team won.

In Greece's Pieces, Cody is seen relaxing in first class without Sierra bothering him. In the first part of the challenge, Cody wants to do well fighting Owen, Alejandro, and Tyler. But when Owen hits him, he goes flying and ends up hitting a bear, saving Duncan on the other team. When he finds his way back to the arena, Courtney calls him a weakling and Sierra attacks her for it making them lose the challenge. Throughout the challenge, Cody isn't acknowledged as a guy by Chris or anyone else, except possibly Sierra. But when he finds out that Duncan kissed Gwen, he punches him hard and knocks him out. During the final challenge, Courtney ordered Cody to lose so that she could eliminate Gwen, however Cody won the challenge to protect Gwen, explaining that he thinks that if he keeps her in the competition, she will eventually have to kiss him. At the end of the episode, Cody tells Sierra that he didn't know punching can hurt in the knuckles. Sierra tells Cody how his fans will go crazy in a good way when they see what he did to Duncan, and he seems happy to hear it.

In the beginning of The EX-Files, Cody is seen in first class with his bag full of candy from Broadway, Baby!, he is then seen with his team trying to get to Area 51. During the challenge, Heather tells Cody to stop touching her legs, but he says he isn't, revealing that a lizard is curled around Heather's leg instead. When the team gets trapped in minefield, Cody is forced to carry Sierra on his shoulders. After the song, he sacrifices his candy to pass as he throws them to the minefield, getting his team to Area 51. He is later seen searching and encounter a clone pod, he touches it, but his finger gets electrocuted and the pod opens, revealing a clone of Cody. The clone grins sinisterly and begins advancing towards a terrified Cody, Sierra sees the clone and hugs it, causing it to explode, sending green goop all over Sierra and Cody. He is last seen telling Heather that all he had found so far was a penny.

During Picnic at Hanging Dork, Gwen and Cody form an alliance against Courtney and Sierra, in which Gwen promises Cody to take care of Sierra after they vote Courtney off, so they try to convince Heather to join. Cody originally wanted to win until Duncan was voted off in hopes that Courtney would not be angry anymore and vote with him to get rid of Sierra. After finishing the emu race, Heather finally agrees in joining them, and Cody and Gwen hi-five each other. During the second part of the challenge, Cody gets to catch the first sheep and nearly gets bitten by it. For the song Shear the Sheep, Cody plays the guitar, while trying to avoid Sierra as a fangirl. Sierra jumps to impress Cody, but he notices she isn't wearing the harness, sending her to the medical care. Cody tries then to take advantage of the situation by consoling an insecure Gwen, after she saw that Heather is flirting with Duncan and Duncan is "suffering" because of Courtney, so Cody tries to make a move, promising to vote off Courtney for her. When it's his turn to jump, Duncan pranks him by attaching him to the dingo Owen caught earlier, leaving him dizzy. At the elimination ceremony, it ends in a tie-breaker between Courtney and Gwen, due to Cody messing up because he was dizzy and voted for Sierra again instead of Courtney, resulting in Gwen's elimination.

In Sweden Sour, Cody is depressed about Gwen's elimination throughout the episode, to the point where he's the only remaining contestant not to sing in We Built Gwen's Face. Sierra is convinced at first that he's over her but every time that he hears her name, he sighs in disappointment. In the first challenge when his team must construct something, the rest of his team is struggling and he does it himself. Courtney doesn't think he knows what he's doing but Sierra tells her that he's on to something and to let him do it. It turns out that Cody was just constructing a wooden Gwen head. This annoys his team, to the extent that a furious Heather tries to smash him with a large hammer, but they manage to turn it into a boat and continue the challenge. Cody is appointed as captain of his ship. During the war between Team Amazon and Team Chris, Cody is almost hit by one of the meatballs, but Sierra jumps in front of him and saves him. Cody nearly leads his team to a victory, but Owen beats Team Amazon at the last second. He plans on voting out Courtney at the Barf Bag Ceremony, but the challenge turns out to be a reward.

In Niagara Brawls, Cody announces that if he lives going down the waterfall, he would actually let Sierra kiss him. After Sierra saves him and the others, Sierra kisses Cody, making him vigorously brush his teeth and then vomit in the confessional. Cody is then excited because Gwen might come back into the game, but is then saddened because Blaineley comes into the competition instead. Cody is then paired up with Sierra in the marriage challenge, and doesn't help her at all in the maze to get the dress, and is then terrified when she finds it on her own. Then when they have to walk across the rope, Sierra carries him across the rope and tries to get Cody to officially marry her. However, despite him answering the border guard's questions correctly, Sierra's attempts force them to be deported for "craziness". When they run into Blaineley and Owen, they both lose the challenge falling into the shark infested water at the bottom of the Niagara Falls and when Cody has to go to the bathroom, Sierra finally gets him to say I do, and she kisses him. Cody is shocked that he is now officially married to Sierra. Alejandro then acts as the witness, to get Sierra to vote off Owen. Cody is incredulous that he is stuck with Sierra.

In Chinese Fake-Out, Cody panics about being "married" to Sierra. Heather says that it is not real due to no marriage certificates, no rings, and no paparazzi photos, causing him to cheer up. He tries to let down Sierra gently but she does not seem to understand. He makes it to the eating challenge, but does not eat due to the dish: Donkey meat. Since a donkey was Cody's ride for the race challenge and he believed that it was actually the very donkey that he had rode and partially befriended during the challenge. He subsequently dropped out. He gets invited to first class by Sierra but has an allergic reaction to her tea, which required an EpiPen.

Sierra changes tactics in African Lying Safari, feeding Cody the Love-Me tea instead of drinking it herself. This causes him to hallucinate,envisioning Sierra turning into a polar bear. She carries him in a backpack for the first challenge, as he has been reduced to a drooling idiot. Sierra inadvertently uses Cody as a meat-shield for the soccer balls. Since neither Sierra nor Cody broke one of the gourds, they have to hunt Ezekiel without a slingshot and only one tranquilizer pellet each. Sierra fashions a slingshot with Cody's spare underwear, but then gets him trapped in a tree. A baboon comes along and carries him away, and gives him foot rubs just like Sierra. When Sierra finds out, she "rescues" him from the primates and brings him back to the plane. He once again votes for Sierra to leave, but returns to first class as Alejandro's guest.

Cody is extremely grateful to Alejandro in Rapa Phooey! While Cody was sleeping, Alejandro managed to keep Sierra away from him. Cody's sweet tooth appears again when he started drooling over the candy Alejandro won. While listening to the rules, Cody was eating the candy in the basket he brought, and used the basket to hold his and Alejandro's eggs. During this show, both Alejandro and Heather wanted Cody's trust over Sierra's because they believe he is sane. Cody cheered when Chris said Sierra was out, but then Chris announces that is a fake elimination. Cody later apologizes to her.

Cody was seen talking in his sleep in Awwwwww, Drumheller. He talks about marrying Gwen but wakes up on Sierra's lap. He seems concerned when Sierra says she has a surprise for him, but she tells him it is good. Cody is wondering why Sierra is mad at him and was touched when she was the only one who remembered his birthday, especially since his own parents forgot his last birthday. He admits he liked Sierra's heartbroken dinosaur the best and that he felt bad about voting for her in the previous episode. When Cody saved Sierra from a boulder, he finds a manipulated photo of him and Heather sleeping next to each other. He convinces Sierra that the photo is a fake because she never leaves Cody alone. When Sierra finds her first barrel, she wanted to give it to Cody, but he says she found it fair and square. Cody votes for Alejandro during the elimination ceremony and was later concerned about Sierra after she blew the plane up.

Although he doesn't appear, Cody is frequently mentioned during Hawaiian Style, when Bridgette brings up the fact that Sierra helped him get into the final three, and also mentions how he punched Duncan during Greece's Pieces. When analyzing his weaknesses, there's pointed that one of the factors of him being in the final three is because of Sierra's help during the whole season, also are noted his allergies and the lack of EpiPens after the plane explosion. He's also mentioned to be the one who deserves it the most, as he's the only person in the final three who isn't evil. When the peanut gallery is asked to choose teams, Beth, DJ, Duncan, Eva, Gwen, Harold, Justin, Leshawna, Noah, Owen, and Trent side with Cody. Harold competes in the challenge on Cody's behalf, and chooses a deer for his spirit animal, causing everyone to laugh. Harold manages to complete the challenge in second place, winning Cody an advantage for the final challenge, a baby carriage.

In Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles, Cody asks for Chris, Heather, and Alejandro for help when he is pulling Sierra out of the plane's rubble. He falls over when he is carrying her due to her weight. Sierra gives Cody an idea to build a hot air balloon. She lets him use her wheelchair, and wants him to leave her there. He says that she's a true friend, even a best friend, but he isn't willing to leave her there. He takes her with him in his hot air balloon. Cody starts getting along with Sierra, despite their many roadblocks that arise when they are in the balloon. Eventually, Cody's hot air balloon gets stuck in a hail storm. He manages to make it out of it and almost crashes into a tree. However, he ends up hitting a telephone pole soon after and crashes. He is about to give up, but Sierra gets some fireworks from a nearby fireworks stand and inspires him to keep going. He and Sierra use the fireworks to rocket their way straight to Mexico. They land in the boat and take the lead over Heather and Alejandro. During the boat race to the end, Cody has a swordfish fight against Alejandro, which gives Heather the opportunity to pass them. Right as Cody gets second place, Alejandro hits his boat from the top, sending them soaring through the air and onto the beach at the same time. Chris says they tied for second place, and quickly ends the show.

In Hawaiian Punch, Cody has to compete in a fire dance tie-breaker against Alejandro. He put his all into it, but loses focus when Heather (noticing Cody would win if the Peanut Gallery had to vote for the winner against her) tells him that Sierra is trapped in quicksand and is sinking, which causes him to panic and scream for somebody to help her. This allows Alejandro to knock him off the platform into shark-infested waters, ending the challenge. Sierra rescues him from a shark that ate him, and he reveals in a confessional his hatred towards Alejandro. He volunteers to help Heather in the challenge, because he thinks that Heather treated him nicely and he wanted Alejandro to go down. During the second part of the race, Cody gives Heather encouragement to not give up, calling her "the good guy" in that competition. He is later seen laughing at Chris along with other contestants. In the end, Cody is seen swimming away from the island, along with the others, as it becomes covered by lava.

Code: Total Drama RealityEdit

Power and Abilities Edit

Pistols: Cody wields two blade like revolvers and has excellent gunning skills with them.

Time Freeze: Cody’s ability allows him to freeze time on Lyoko for only thirteen seconds. While short it allows Cody to attack his opponents without them being to retaliate until it is most likely too late. This allowed him to defeat Cyrus, one of XANA’s generals who defeated LeShawna, Geoff, and Bridgette before Cody challenged him.

Teleportation: This ability was once used by Odd Della-Robbia, but it ended up being a failure due to accidental self-duplication, that left two clones when Odd tried out.

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