Duncan comes from a long line of cops. His dad is a cop. His mom is a cop. His uncle, aunt, grandma and cousins are cops. Like them, Duncan spends lots of time in police stations. The trouble is, Duncan feels more comfortable on the 'opposite side of the law', so his police station visits usually include a jail cell and a parole officer. Duncan's been getting into trouble since he could get his hands on anything that wasn't his. He bounced from school to school, racking up suspensions and expulsions -- and this was all pre-kindergarten! Yeah, Duncan is one tough costumer. He also has street smarts and isn't afraid to use them. While the Principals don't share his philosophy that breaking into the school's office in the middle of the night to doctor your report card is an innovative way to improve your grade-point-average, Duncan feels it illustrated entrepreneurial skills. Despite his cocky nature, social workers who have counseled Duncan will tell you that under all that bravado lies a misguided youth with a big, gooey heart. When Duncan isn't incarcerated or at a Parole Officer's appointment he looks for ways to curb his boredom - like signing up for Total Drama Island. Duncan figured it couldn't be much worse than 'the yard' at the Detention Center, and, who knows, it could be fun to mess with some heads. It's not like he's doing anything else this summer.

Total Drama IslandEdit

Duncan is a punk and a juvenile delinquent who, ironically comes from a long line of policemen, and policewomen. His dad, mom, uncle, aunt, grandma, and cousins are cops. He is easily angered and generally antagonistic towards some of the other members of the Killer Bass, especially Harold. He is known to easily get on anyone's bad side, but does make a few friends throughout the first season. He knows many tactics from his time spent in juvenile detention centers. He can carve a picture of a skull into a tree trunk and lift great amounts of weight (such as Owen, who is about twice his size). He's a sarcastic kind of person, flirting with Heather, despite his apparent dislike of her, and making fun of Courtney whenever she gets near him. He also gave Courtney the pet name "Princess" to tease her. Duncan loves to break rules to better suit himself and he breaks many rules while on the island.

In Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, Duncan was the seventh camper to arrive. He was annoyed that the place isn't what he was told it would be, and angrily said that he doesn't like surprises, to which Chris says that Duncan's Parole Officer already told him that, and that he also told him to give him a call any time to send Duncan back to Juvie. After that, Duncan accepts the place. Duncan walks past Heather and flirts with her, saying that he'll meet her by the campfire. Heather rejects him, telling him to drop dead. Upon Noah's arrival, Duncan quickly gets into a conflict with him. Later, Duncan also threatens Harold, which marks the start of their conflict. He tried to flirt with Heather a second time, but she completely rejected it. Duncan is placed on the Killer Bass team. He shows his tough side on many occasions, such as bothering a deer and killing a cockroach by slicing it in half with an axe, to which everyone seemed impressed by.

In Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, the contestants had to jump off the cliff. Duncan did not want to jump at first but later does so in a relaxed manner, showing not the slightest hint of fear. The Killer Bass lose the first challenge, so they have to move their hot-tub gear themselves. Duncan does so by kicking it constantly. Duncan mocks Courtney by calling her "cyclops," as her eye is swollen. He later gets into a fight over a hammer with Tyler. The Killer Bass end up losing and have to vote someone off. Duncan says he wants to vote off either Courtney or DJ as they're the only ones with chicken hats. He then adds that if they should have to lift a truck, he likes the odds with DJ, which annoys Courtney. Duncan then goes off to take a nap. At the campfire ceremony, Duncan tells Ezekiel he has a lot to learn about the real world. Duncan gets his marshmallow second to last.

Duncan, along with his pal Geoff defend Chris from an angry Eva in The Big Sleep, as he's explaining the 20 kilometer run around the lake. Duncan doesn't really seem to have very big problems with completing it himself. For the last part of the challenge Duncan does a great job at staying awake. During the time, Duncan pulls a prank on Harold, putting his hand in a cup of water while he's sleeping so that he pees in his pants. Duncan manages to get to the final to in challenge along with Gwen. Then Duncan takes a bathroom break, but falls asleep there, losing the challenge. Duncan gets the first marshmallow and therefore stays.

As a result of the last challenge, Duncan is really tired in Dodgebrawl. Chris mocks Duncan about it, but he is too tired to do much. Harold has apparently snored all night, which means even less sleep for Duncan. Some of the team has therefore drawn a mustache on Harold, which Duncan probably was a part of. Entering the dodge ball arena, Duncan lays down and says that if they wake him up, it'll be the last thing they do. Duncan then sleeps for the first two rounds, but when his team is down two to zero, they wake him up by jabbing him with a stick, which he gets pretty mad about. But Courtney convinces him to play. Duncan makes up a strategy which is throwing all the balls at the same person, this tactic makes the Killer Bass win the next two rounds. In the final round, the Gophers start playing better again. Eventually they hit Duncan with his own tactic. When it's down to Owen against Harold, Duncan at first thinks it's over, but after Harold shows some dodging skills, and Courtney calls for a time-out, Duncan gets his hopes up for Harold. Harold wins and Duncan with the rest of the team cheers for him.

Duncan uses his defiance of the rules to his advantage. His rebellious habits land him much criticism from "by-the-book" Courtney. However, through her criticism, Courtney secretly forms a crush on Duncan. Duncan himself never denied having an attraction to Courtney. He often flirted with her openly. Eventually, in Basic Straining, he managed to get Courtney to break the rules (by stealing food) and they wind up as a couple. Harold gets back at Duncan by opening the box containing the votes and replacing the votes with all against Courtney votes of his own saying, "Let's see how you like it when someone messes with your love life." When Courtney is kicked off Duncan is devastated. In No Pain, No Game, he votes for Heather to leave the island because he thinks she had something to do with Courtney being kicked off, not knowing that Harold is the real culprit. He then gives out a shout out to her on camera, telling her "I miss you, babe." In Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon, he shows a rarely-seen sweet side of his personality when he carves "D+C" in a heart on the back of a wooden sculpture of Courtney's head.

He is the founder and leader of the first Guys' Alliance, and he is the only person to volunteer to be in Heather's Alliance. He is also the only guy in Heather's alliance and the only person to be in both alliances. During the meeting of the Guys' Alliance in Hide and Be Sneaky, he convinces Geoff, DJ, and Owen to eliminate Bridgette, due to her being likable and good at sports, but Geoff refused due to his crush on her. As it came down to Duncan and Bridgette for the final marshmallow, Duncan was safe, making Bridgette the next one to go. He also constantly says that he is a loner, although it's obvious he considers Geoff and DJ friends, and even Owen to some extent. He has had a few verbal exchanges with Leshawna, but nothing in the areas of violent offense.

He forms a reluctant alliance with Heather in Wawanakwa Gone Wild!. However he seems to only want an alliance with Heather since she is his biggest competition. He even stated that he had a win-win situation; if Heather escaped from the bear he was helping her with he would have an alliance, and if she didn't she would get eaten by a bear. After the elimination ceremony, Heather makes him clean the bathroom as a punishment. He says that he and his brothers would build bikes together; he would steal the parts. In the serial killer challenge, when watching a horror movie with the other campers, it is revealed he and Gwen both like the same movie. When Leshawna told him, while they were cuffed together in a challenge, that she knew about Duncan secretly replacing DJ's pet Bunny, he revealed that his dog ran away when he was six, and that he didn't want DJ to go through the same thing. He was the fourth to last camper voted off, thus he is the last Killer Bass to be voted off after DJ and Geoff were voted off, leaving only former Screaming Gophers by the end of Are We There Yeti?. Duncan leaves saying, "Good, get me out of here," implying that he hated the island and just wanted to leave.

In the special, he and Courtney teamed up in order to find the case with the million. Though Duncan manages to wrestle an alligator that ate the case, he trips on a rock and sprains his ankle. Despite his pleas for help, Courtney abandons him, taking the case with her (to which he says he loves that woman). Noah comes by and mocks Duncan, causing him to rip his pants off. Duncan manages to make it back to camp, but is attacked by a moose. However, he wards it off with the moose head from the mess hall. When Courtney cheers him on, telling him to "go honey go!" He threatens her saying he's coming for her next. Duncan is soon caught in a stampede and is one of the fourteen people to make it to the dock and Total Drama Action, but Courtney falls in a tub below the diving board and doesn't make it in time.

Total Drama ActionEdit

Upon coming onto the set, Duncan aligns himself with his fellow males until teams are officially picked in Riot On Set; Duncan is picked for Gwen's team. This made Gwen's boyfriend Trent jealous, and after seeing that she and Duncan have a lot in common during the challenge, it causes some friction between the two. Duncan shared a bunk bed with Justin in the first episode, but has since moved to a bunk of his own. While still playing the role of anti-hero, Duncan also takes on the role of Harold's personal antagonist. Throughout the season, Harold sees Duncan as a major obstacle in his way, always winning the challenges and overshadowing him at every turn. Duncan also bullies Harold out of anger at the fact that he had Courtney eliminated in the first season. The two do however come together at times when the two of them are needed.

In Monster Cash, Duncan at first teamed up with Gwen and Trent, but eventually switched and joined forces with Owen. Both were the last two castmates to be found by the Monster, but the Monster chose to take Duncan instead of Owen.

In Alien Resurr-eggtion, Duncan once again teamed up with Gwen and Trent, but this time, DJ was included as well. The four of them were the last ones left standing in the challenge, and just as they found the room where the alien eggs were kept and each claimed one egg for themselves, Chef Hatchet appeared and blasted DJ, while the other three escaped. Duncan, Gwen, and Trent were about to make it to the end, but Chris, in a helicopter, dropped two massive slime bombs on them from above. While Gwen and Trent managed to find cover and keep their eggs intact, Duncan was hit by the blast and lost his egg, placing second in the challenge once again.

In Riot On Set, during the challenge in which one member of the two teams has to act in front of Chef, the Screaming Gaffers convinced Duncan to play a gangster who was forced to go straight. Duncan, at first, refuses to play the role because of his fear of being typecast. As the team continued to convince him to take on the role, he reluctantly agrees. When he performed in front of everyone, using the script meant for the other team, Duncan brought everyone, and Chef, to tears, winning the challenge for his team.

In Beach Blanket Bogus, Duncan won the first part of the challenge, surfing, for his team. Later, when they contestants return to Camp Wawanakwa for parts two and three of the challenge, he and Gwen dismantle the bus they used to arrive, because they missed the cabins. This inadvertently caused this to be a reward challenge.

In 3:10 to Crazytown, Duncan continues to prank Harold throughout the western challenge, explaining that he continues to torture him as payback when Duncan finally found out about Harold rigging the votes to getting Courtney voted off. In The Aftermath: I, Courtney learned that Duncan was hanging out with Gwen. She immediately displayed disapproval at this relationship and has sworn to get even with Duncan.

In The Chefshank Redemption, Duncan is one of only two people (along with DJ) who didn't vote Gwen off the show, where she cost the Gaffers the prison challenge by owing the Killer Grips after Trent cheated for Gwen. As Chef puts handcuffs on Gwen when they were heading to the Lame-o-sine, Duncan stops them and offers to take Gwen's place, as a joke saying he really wanted to be out of the competition. After Chef Hatchet says he didn't care if he took her place, Duncan is quick to say that he was kidding. Then Gwen tells him he won't get out of the competition that easily and wishes Duncan the best of luck for the team as she heads over to the limo. After this episode, it is possible Duncan will be the leader of the Gaffers.

In One Flu Over the Cuckoos, Duncan, along with Leshawna, decide not to study for the challenge, and to sleep instead. Leshawna is also trying to form an alliance with both Harold and Duncan throughout the episode, but, as the two boys hate one another, Duncan laughs at Leshawna's idea. Also, Duncan continues to constantly irritate Harold in this episode, presumably still because of his past actions against Courtney.

In The Sand Witch Project, when the Screaming Gaffers were choosing their serial killer, they all agreed on Duncan, but Chef intervened, threatening Duncan and forcing the team to choose DJ. Heather and Duncan are also forced to kiss during the challenge, which both of them expressed disgust towards. Later, when the Gaffers were scaring the Grips, Duncan had a plan to scare them by making fake blood and having it ooze through the wall. When Leshawna compliments Duncan on how real the blood looks, he tells them about how he and his brothers have stood outside a kindergarten covered in fake blood, and reveals that he had once given twelve five-year-olds seizures, which cause Leshawna to withdraw her respect. Also, when DJ was eliminating himself, Duncan attempted to convince him to stay in the competition.

Duncan is angered along with Heather in Masters of Disasters, when he finds out that Leshawna had faked her crying two episodes earlier so she can get the reward for herself. Also after the team had won the challenge, Chris offered the Gaffers a reward to stay at a cottage on top of an active volcano in British Columbia, to which Duncan angrily refused for the team.

In Full Metal Drama, Duncan reveals that he always wanted to be a marine because he thought their stands and salutes sounded cool (though he doesn't know what they mean). Duncan continues to show a grudge against Leshawna from her previous actions. He also continues to bully Harold in this episode, calling him a series of names and mocking him, as well as causing him physical pain. Duncan is responsible for his team's victory in the second part of the challenge, and partly responsible for their victory in the final part of the challenge. Towards the end of the episode, due to Harold forcing him to, Duncan claims that he "appreciates the small part of Harold that isn't a loser." They compliment each other at the end.

In The Aftermath: II, Geoff showed a new clip about something that happened those weeks in Total Drama Action. The clip shows Gwen and Duncan looking at the stars. Duncan seems to show his sweet-side when he asked with a cute look if Courtney was looking at those stars at that moment and ends with Duncan on top of Gwen a mere inch or two from her lips. This clip only angers Courtney further, even when Gwen insisted they were only friends. It also looked like Duncan was cheating in Courtney's eyes.

In Ocean's Eight - Or Nine, Duncan became cocky as a "criminal" and decided his team didn't need the tools that were locked up with Leshawna for his team. He claims he is, "insulted" that the "two H bombs" ignored his ability. Once ready, Duncan goes up to the teller, and tells her she has "nice legs." He then gets to the point that he needs money, and is so shocked when Courtney turns around and reveals herself that he faints. Courtney gives the prize to Duncan. Strangely, when it is revealed that Courtney is the second place prize and will be on the opposite team of him, Duncan's reaction isn't shown. When the teams have to go make "cars," Duncan makes his for his team, claiming it's, "Just like stripping a car, only backwards." When he is about to put the last tire on, he is distracted by Courtney, and accidentally clips his arm. Once in the cart, Duncan drives up right in front of Courtney, and taunts her. His team wins, and is very happy to receive the money only to be dismayed that is only 'Chris Cash,' which can only be used to buy water from the tap.

In One Million Bucks, B.C., while Duncan admits that he still has strong feelings for Courtney, the competition makes them quarrel repeatedly. Courtney also accuses him twice by cheating on her for Gwen. Duncan later said in the confessional that he didn't hook up with Gwen. During the fire-making challenge, Duncan cheats by using his lighter in order to win the first challenge.

Chris immediately found out about this and gives Courtney's team the win. By the final challenge of the episode, Duncan and Courtney must stand in a pedestal together and try to knock each other off. While on the pedestal, they accidentally kiss and after being in the confessional about their feelings for each other, Courtney pulls him into another kiss, but then proceeds to hit him in the crotch and knock him off the pedestal. Duncan was completely shaken by this when he tells the confessional that Courtney "completely hit him in the kiwis."

In Million Dollar Babies, Duncan gets pitted to wrestle Courtney in a kiddie ball pit for one of the challenges, during the fight he struggles against his feelings for Courtney and his desire to win, which gives him great difficulty in the fight. By the end he puts up a good fight, but after getting distracted by a kid he accidentally uncovered that was caught in the ball pit, Courtney gets him pinned down and he loses. Later on it's revealed that Leshawna had said horrible things about all the Total Drama Action castmates, he prepares to vote her off, but after a cheerleading apology from Leshawna, he changes his mind, forgives her and votes Heather off.

In Dial M for Merger, Duncan and Harold still seem to be a bit mad at Leshawna for her earlier actions despite seemingly forgiving her earlier. After Lindsay is knocked out and dropped into a pit, Duncan goes to check on her, only to be shot by a tranquilizer dart and falls into the pit as well. After the teams are dissolved, Duncan is drawn into the spy movie challenge along with the rest of the cast. The first challenge is stealing a bag of tools and making a clean get away, Duncan manages to work his way up to the bag, but Courtney beats him to it by shattering the glass with a flying kick. After Chris threatens to blow up the building, Duncan (after some blackmailing from Courtney) escapes with the rest of the cast. Duncan then takes part in the bomb deactivation challenge. After observing Lindsay and Courtney, Duncan cuts the blue wire, only to learn his bomb is set up differently. Duncan's bomb (along with the others) explode and cover the cast in a horrible garbage smell, causing them all to take a tomato juice bath to get the smell out.

In Super Hero-ld, Duncan joins a guy's alliance with Justin and Harold. During the first challenge, Duncan is more concerned with Chef, playing the super villain, getting the drop on him than he is making a costume. As a result, Duncan simply makes a small prop eye that he puts on his fore head, calling himself the "All Seeing Eye." When it comes time for elimination, Duncan becomes the primary target of Beth, Lindsay and Leshawna (mainly to get back at Courtney). In an attempt to boot off Leshawna, Duncan negotiates with Courtney (telling her that she won't have invincibility forever and he can help her). Courtney accepts Duncan's negotiations and convinces Harold to join the vote by claiming the girls will eliminate him if he doesn't. This act sends Harold into tears as Leshawna is eliminated (but she gives him some easing as she goes).

In The Princess Pride, Duncan hosted a biggest burrito making challenge in the beginning of the episode. He wonders if he would make a good reality game show host but Courtney says he should do something more productive instead. In the end, he claimed Harold's burrito to be the biggest, despite his disgust. During the blindfolded bridge crossing challenge, Duncan became "Little Red Riding Hoodlum" and cheated by leaving a gap in his blindfold. He was smitten with Courtney when she started singing. Duncan was shown to be jealous when Justin admitted to liking her. Duncan tries to impress Courtney by beating up Harold and a whale. Courtney says to him that compliments are nice and he responds that he waiting for one. Duncan stole Harold's air kiss from Courtney and was upset when Justin stole his. Duncan gets crushed by the dragon in the "rescue the princess" challenge but is relieved when Chris said that Justin and Courtney were not going to kiss. When Duncan and Justin were in the bottom two, Chris jokingly gave Justin the final Gilded Chris, and told Duncan to go home. Courtney immediately gets to her feet, exclaiming that the elimination was an outrage, and that Justin should be going home. When Chris laughed and gave Duncan the real Gilded Chris, Duncan was amused that Courtney had cared about his elimination, and was less than resistant about commenting out loud about it.

In Get a Clue, Duncan joins the cast in a number of mystery related challenges. Duncan finds a gadget for Courtney's personal digital assistant in Harold's meal. Plugging it in and following the clues, the cast find Chris (wearing a Sherlock Holmes hat). The first challenge is collecting other cast members hairs and prints. Duncan succeeds at getting his from Harold; Harold attempts to get back at him but fails (so he gets his from Beth). Courtney gets the drop on Duncan and gets his hair and prints (even though she had already gotten hers from Lindsay). During the train murder, Courtney manages to get Duncan to check if the train is real. Duncan learns it is and barely escapes the tunnel with his life. When a piece of his hair is found, Duncan is handcuffed to the wall, believed to be Chris's murderer. Lindsay however discovers that it was really Courtney who was the murderer. Although Chris really just faked his own death and set Courtney up. Chris rewards Lindsay with a movie night with a friend (though it's a movie he starred in). Much to everyone's surprise, Lindsay picked Duncan to go with her, however it turns out this was really just to annoy Courtney. Duncan enjoys himself saying the movie should be good. Interestingly, when Lindsay asked him if he wanted to go to the movies, Duncan put on a sinister smile, silently agreeing with Lindsay to make Courtney jealous.

In Rock n' Rule, Duncan is greeted by a friendly Owen and is happy to have him back. Duncan shows his skills in the first challenge where he follows the guitar keys perfectly and even ends it by smashing the guitar. Courtney is the only castmate who keeps up with him, showing some surprising stunts. However, Duncan wins the first challenge because Courtney apparently "tried too hard" whereas Duncan performed it naturally. Duncan runs through the second challenge, knocking everyone in the fake fans and paparazzi down (save for one cardboard girl whom Duncan wrote his number on her belly). In the third challenge, Duncan smashes up the room wildly, but Courtney still wins the challenge due to a wilder tear up. At elimination, Duncan once again becomes the central target for elimination and thanks to a plan Lindsay cooks up with Beth and Harold, Duncan nearly is eliminated. However by pure luck, Duncan is spared as Lindsay accidentally casts the deciding vote for herself and is eliminated. Duncan then lets out a laugh at Lindsay's carelessness.

In Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen, Duncan actually shows some real friendship towards Harold. He and Harold are paired up together to compete against Courtney and Beth in a robotic fight match. During the first part of the challenge, Duncan trains Harold hard and made a bit of pranks to him as well. During the second part of challenge, Harold is placed in the giant mech suit and Duncan controls it. However Duncan controls the suit badly as he keeps using the control to make Harold's robot leg kick him in the face while Harold was fighting Beth. Nonetheless, Duncan and Harold win this part of the challenge and proceed to the next part, in which they have to climb up a mountain with a glass of water in order to find a bonsai tree and win the dinner reward. Duncan actually does not take the opportunity to sabotage Harold, and when Owen asks him too, he says he doesn't feel like it. When Harold almost falls, Duncan saves him and starts to act nicely to him. As he, Harold and Owen (who was forced by Chris to interfere the two of them) head over to the site where the tree is at; Owen asks Harold what he was thinking about Leshawna. Harold says he was planning on what she thought about him until Duncan interrupts when he laughs rudely twice and makes some rude remarks about Leshawna in front of them. This infuriates Harold as he throws water at Duncan and punches him in the face. This move rocketed Harold to victory and he wins the reward.

In 2008: A Space Owen, Duncan's mattress is filled with rocks (a prank Harold played on him), which puts his back out for most of the episode. When everyone receives packages from home, Duncan's pet tarantula, Scruffy is mailed to him. Throughout the episode, Duncan carries Scruffy around with him (often times winding up with Harold). During the third challenge, Scruffy wonders into Harold's space suit and is crushed by Harold (by accident). Duncan is heartbroken over the loss of Scruffy (though gets over it). His back is fixed up thanks to the pressure of the Vomit Comet. During elimination, Duncan votes for Harold and Harold is then eliminated. Before he leaves, Harold pantses Duncan, to which Duncan says he probably had that coming.

In Top Dog, Courtney and Duncan start to get back into a relationship, which is worked through a thirty-two page document. Courtney asks Duncan to memorize the whole document, which Duncan tries to do. During the challenge, Duncan picks the chameleon to train. Duncan tries to get it to change the color of his mohawk; eventually he succeeds in getting it to match the color (although Owen was spray painting his hair different colors so all the colors were wrong to Duncan). During the second part of the challenge, Duncan tries to get the Chameleon to help him get back to the set, but it seemingly vanishes and leaves him to fend for himself. Duncan is misled by Owen and takes all the traps Chris laid out head on. He eventually gets stuck in a pit and eats Courtney's document for survival. He manages to make it back to the set after two days, acting barbaric after his time in the woods. A kiss from Courtney however snaps him back. During elimination, Duncan is tired from his time in the woods and votes for Courtney's elimination. Courtney scolds him for his betrayal, though Duncan says in the confessional that he can't let the million go and also he can't stand all of Courtney's new rules for their relationship. After Courtney is put in the Lame-o-sine, Owen joins her after Chris fires him for blowing his cover as a traitor. With Owen and Courtney gone, Duncan proceeds to the final two along with Beth.

In Mutiny on the Soundstage, Duncan competes with Beth in the ultimate challenge: A combination of all the season's past challenges. Beth tries to form a team with Duncan, to which he just snickers. Duncan manages to gain an edge over Beth and get ahead in the game. However, Chef gives him trivia questions which if answered correctly, will allow Duncan to skip a challenge and move to the next one. However, Duncan doesn't know a majority of them and thus endures all the toughest of challenges. Beth however does know a majority of them and thus manages to catch up to Duncan despite her slow start. The two of them both tie and Beth is asked "What was the name of the girl band Courtney was a part of?" Beth not liking Courtney and not bothering to learn that much about her gets it wrong. Duncan however answers it correctly, only to learn it wasn't his question. He's then asked "What color Courtney is thinking of?" and gets it wrong, forcing him and Beth to endure the Earthquake of Inevitable Pain. Duncan works with Beth and they both back each other up. Duncan is later crushed and dragged down by a giant safe. Despite his pleas to Beth telling her to go on and win, she decides to help him up, saying they can at least tie for first place. They then both see the finish line and cross it together, thus ending in a tie.

Continuing in The Aftermath: IV, Chef and Chris have left on vacation, leaving the winner ambiguous. Duncan asks if there's a plan to break this tie, although everyone else is more interested in doing this last episode. Courtney offers a quiz off, which is rejected. Harold puts together a game of fitting through various shaped holes in a board. Both Duncan and Beth make it very far, but end in a tie yet again. When Chris returns to the studio, he shows some never before seen footage of the two, revealing that Duncan has a motherly side. Chris allows the former competitors to ask the finalists questions about how they would use the money and their personalities. Both contestants receive different results from the contestants, including a dance-off and eat-off from Owen and Izzy. At the end of the episode, everyone votes. Chris draws out the voting counts and Duncan wins by one vote and hence the million dollars. Courtney hugs Duncan in celebration, but Duncan hesitates, saying he won't share the money. Nonetheless, Courtney kisses him and says that "every king needs a queen," to which Duncan complies and they make out as the episode ends. In the alternative ending where Beth wins, Duncan gets over losing pretty quickly and asks Courtney out to dinner. She agrees and they tease each other as they leave, then Courtney offers him to sue the show.

In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special it's revealed that Courtney and Duncan were going strong for a while, even getting matching tattoos, but eventually broke up. It's unknown what Duncan did with the money he won on the show, but he does say he hired a lawyer when Courtney tried to sue him for the breakup. Duncan reunites with everyone at the Red Carpet show, but is locked out when Chris announces he will be starting a new reality show, called Total Drama Dirtbags. While everyone panics, Duncan and Ezekiel are not worried since they know how to survive on the streets. Duncan teams up with everyone to stop Chris, but winds up distracting Courtney with a kiss and causes her to drive the bus off of a cliff. While some of the teens go searching for help, Duncan and the others are rescued by Chris. Because of this, Duncan qualifies for Total Drama World Tour.

Total Drama World TourEdit

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, Duncan is the second person to step out of the bus, after Courtney. Duncan gets involved in Heather and Gwen's argument, making a rude comment about Heather's hair extensions. Gwen then laughs at this and Duncan smirks at her, much to Courtney's displeasure. Once the contestants are inside the jet, Duncan states that "girls" and "little birdies" sing, but "Duncans do not sing.” During the "Come Fly With Us" musical number, Duncan doesn't sing at all until the end, after Courtney pleads for him to sing, not wanting him to be sent home for not singing. In Egypt, Duncan at first forms a pair with Courtney. However, after noticing that Gwen is having trouble climbing the pyramid by herself, Duncan invites her to join his team. Throughout this episode, Duncan is fairly annoyed with Courtney and Gwen's arguments. Once his team makes it to the top of the pyramid, the trio starts bickering, and Chris shouts at them to get down, as it's time for another musical number. Duncan finally snaps and runs down the pyramid, dragging Courtney and Gwen along with him. Duncan tells off Chris, telling him that he quits, because he agreed on one song an episode, and then leaves, saying that he'll be inside the plane waiting for a ride home, much to Courtney and Gwen's shock.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2, Duncan was mentioned by Gwen and Courtney due to him quitting. Then, he is seen in the winner's section humming Come Fly With Us, while enjoying a beverage. Chris enters and is about to ask if he was singing when Duncan quickly replies that he wasn't. Then, Chris tells him that he can hear him singing, but Duncan then quickly denies it and goes back to drinking his beverage. Later at the boarding ceremony, after Ezekiel is officially voted off, Chris tells Duncan he has to jump out of the plane as well. Duncan quickly replies that Chris has to give him a ride home. Chris says that they're going the other way, so he has to jump. He then promptly pushes him off the plane with a parachute. He is last seen falling straight to earth screaming, with the parachute in his hand. A deleted clip of Duncan's drop features him commenting that he no longer cares about the money, and is just happy to be out of the "pathetic" show, he then lands in a tree and dangles from it with scarabs at the bottom of the tree, much to his dismay. Duncan is then seen in the recap in the next episode landing safely.

In Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water, Duncan is shown to have gone missing after falling somewhere in the middle of Africa. It is revealed that Chris has the entire Total Drama crew looking for him. There have been sightings of Duncan sent in by viewers of the aftermath and Total Drama. One photo shown was sent from a man in Scotland. It is a picture of Duncan's mohawk coming out of Loch Ness. Geoff and Blaineley reveal that it is only a hoax. This is a reference to the famous "Surgeon's Photo" of the Loch Ness Monster. A reference of Bigfoot footage is also shown. It is a picture of Duncan's shadow running through a forest in Sweden. He falls off a cliff and every time he hurts himself, he says a swear word which is bleeped out. This video is not confirmed to be a hoax. Geoff and Blaineley think that it may be real because the real Duncan would swear and it looked a lot like him.

In Newf Kids on the Rock, Gwen, in the confessional, mentions losing last season because of her relationship, but accidentally states Duncan's name in the place of Trent's. Later in the episode, Courtney and Gwen mistake a certain rock formation they see in the distance for Duncan. Sierra thinks that they imagined the rock formation was Duncan because they miss him so much. Courtney confesses to missing him, but wonders why Gwen thought the rock was Duncan also. Gwen quickly agrees with how strange Courtney thought that was, covering up for the fact that she misses Duncan, too.

In Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon, Duncan is shown to still be missing during the "Total Drama Fugitives" segment. He is first seen in Texas, using an Elvis Presley-like costume, and wig, and carrying several food items with him. He then bumps into a person, which causes Duncan to drop his food, and make his wig fall off causing Duncan to flee. Geoff doesn't believe it's him though, because he doesn't think Duncan would ever wear a jumpsuit. Another clip is then shown of Duncan in Italy, dressed as a monk. Another monk walks past him, and Duncan subsequently trips him, making the monk fall off a small cliff into water below, as Duncan laughs.

In I See London..., Duncan is mentioned by Courtney in Changing Guard Mix saying that "he will freak" if she strips down the guard. Later, Duncan returns after Gwen and Courtney capture him from a concert where he appears to be singing or playing music in a Punk Rock club. Upon discovering he is back on the plane, Duncan quickly looks for an exit, but Chris stops him, revealing that the whole challenge was a plan to drag Duncan back and force him to fulfill his contract. Chris then puts him on Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot, as a "consolation prize" for them. Afterwards, Courtney is seen telling Duncan to not abandon her again, which Duncan is annoyed by. Courtney then admits that she was just worried and hugs Duncan. Gwen then comes out of the lavatory confessional and sees them hugging. Duncan looks over Courtney's shoulder and, upon seeing Gwen, tells Gwen that every time he ran from the police, he thought of her, managing to pass this off as a compliment to Courtney instead. Duncan then accidentally bursts into Gwen's confessional, since the door's lock was apparently broken by Chris. After some brief friendly banter, the two kiss before Chris signs off the show with Tyler accidentally walking in on them and staring at them in shock.

In Greece's Pieces, Duncan is majorly concerned and angry that Tyler knows about him and Gwen kissing. Chris also made a new rule: Every time Duncan talks instead of singing, he gets hit by Chef Hatchet with a towel. Duncan later faces off against Gwen in the first challenge, to retrieve a gold medal off of a boar, although it was only the bear dressed up like a boar. While Duncan and Gwen are doing the challenge, they sing Greek Mix; at the end of the song Duncan is attacked by the Bear, causing him to lose the challenge. When Duncan is able to return, Tyler has already told everybody about his and Gwen's kiss in the confessional. Then he makes fun of Cody's outfit, and Cody punches him. Duncan's team loses, which leads them to a false elimination causing an intern to be sent home.

In The EX-Files it is shown in a flashback that Courtney throws spaghetti at Duncan and kicks him in the groin when she breaks up with him. Duncan is then seen with a black eye in economy class during the rest of the episode. He still flirts with Gwen, to Courtney's annoyance, so Courtney, under the idea created by Alejandro, starts to flirt with Tyler to get him jealous. When the jet is near to crash, he sees Alejandro's hypnosis work on Owen, making him impressed and owing five dollars to Alejandro. At the challenge, where they have to get into Area 51 base and take an alien artifact intact, Duncan makes a plan to trespass the laser zone by throwing rocks and avoiding the laser beams. Inside the base, Gwen and Duncan bump into each other again and talk about their kiss. After Gwen expresses her worries about being the new villain in her team, she expresses her worries about Duncan's reaction to Courtney's flirting with Tyler, to which Duncan responds with another kiss, with him popping up his leg. They decide then to try a relationship without pressure and still being in competition against each other, to which Duncan agrees amused. When reuniting with his team, Duncan negotiates with Alejandro his immunity in exchange for his help, to which he agrees. He then proceeds to smash Tyler's alien on his face with a punch, and then tries to pull of the alien from Alejandro's face. When Owen gets free and isn't helping, Alejandro activates the suggestion and Owen begins to sing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" with a wedgie over his head, for Duncan's total fun. In the end, his team loses due to Tyler getting caught by a land mine and killing the alien and their chances of winning. He remains safe because Tyler gets the votes for losing the challenge and getting his favor from Alejandro. He and Alejandro are seeing smiling when Courtney swears revenge and Owen's trigger activates once more.

By the events of Picnic at Hanging Dork, Duncan learns about Alejandro scoring with Bridgette and Leshawna, being impressed by the fact that he is not the only one to get two girls on the show. Then Alejandro makes a plan with Duncan to mess with Courtney's head, where Alejandro starts flirting with her and Duncan pretends to be jealous. After seeing Alejandro hitting on Courtney, Heather becomes suspicious and counters by flirting with Duncan, causing Alejandro to be jealous (in denial, but soon starts doubting) and Gwen too. During the race, Duncan loses control of his emu after Cody hits him by the side "accidentally,” and ends up fighting with a boxing kangaroo. Duncan finally makes it to the goal, covered in snot from the kangaroo's bag. Continuing with the plan, now that Courtney flirts back at Alejandro, Duncan starts pretending to cry over this, even fooling Gwen and making her even more insecure about their relationship. Eventually Owen arrives and they catch up with finding sheep. Alejandro and Duncan win more time attaching Cody's bungee cable to a dingo, which leads Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot into winning by finding the sheep with the team's logo. However, Duncan discovers that the plan backfired, since he never thought of the possibility they would eliminate Gwen instead of Courtney, which happens indeed.

In Sweden Sour, Duncan is in first class talking to Owen, when Owen tells him that Noah said not to trust Alejandro. Duncan then persuades Owen to do what Noah would want by helping him eliminate Alejandro. Courtney demands an apology from Duncan, but he ignores her, angering her. Duncan helps his team win by building a boat. He talks like a pirate for Owen, trying to keep his trust. Duncan helps Owen win the challenge for their team. He is later seen in first class, carving a picture of Gwen into the side of a chair's armrest.

He was briefly mentioned in Aftermath Aftermayhem. A question about his band was asked in order to see if Beth would get a second chance at Total Drama World Tour. The question was about the name of Duncan's London band, to which the answer was "Der Schnitzel Kickers."

In Niagara Brawls, Duncan is dropped from the plane while asleep, but manages to get in a swan boat and is saved from a waterfall by Sierra. Shortly after, the teams are disbanded and Alejandro wishes him and Owen good luck (with Duncan still wanting to vote him out). When it is mentioned that somebody will return to the game, he agrees with Cody that getting Gwen back would be awesome (much to Courtney's dislike), only to be disappointed its Blaineley. During the first part of challenge, Duncan is paired with Courtney to be his "wife," both of them disliking the result. During the second part of the challenge, Duncan has to guide Courtney to her wedding dress, but instead goofs off and leads her into the obstacles (until Alejandro jumps in and leads her to the dress). During the last part of the challenge, Alejandro makes a pact with Duncan to vote off Owen in exchange for him picking the victim next time. Wanting to get rid of Courtney, Duncan agrees (but says he was faking being suckered in). Duncan quickly carries Courtney across the Niagara Falls, answers all the questions and wins invincibility (along with Courtney). At elimination, Duncan helps Alejandro vote Owen off. He says bye to Owen before Owen leaves.

In Chinese Fake-Out, Duncan is shown to be continuing his alliance with Alejandro, but disagrees with him whenever Alejandro suggests helping Courtney. On the Great Wall, Duncan races on a bike against Alejandro, who is on a skateboard. The two arrive to the finish line at the same time. He makes it to the eating challenge, but has a tough time despite doing well in the last eating challenge. Eventually, he loses the challenge and sits next to the other losers. He sees Courtney eating, even though she is eliminated, and surprisingly questioned how she could eat while watching the others eat the gross food at the same time. His and Heather's suspicions grow later on, and they discover she is cheating.

Alejandro notes how happy Duncan is in African Lying Safari. Duncan explains that "It's like all of my troubles were pushed out of a plane"(referring to Courtney's elimination), and makes fun of Heather and Alejandro's obvious attraction towards each other. He believes soccer is a wimpy sport and prefers to break his gourd with a bat. Duncan suggests that it is better to hunt as a group and works with Alejandro. He and Alejandro accidentally tranquilize Heather and Sierra, while they do the same in return. Eventually, Alejandro and Heather trick him into being attacked by Ezekiel. At the Barf Bag Ceremony, Duncan is voted off, receiving votes from Heather and Alejandro. A deleted clip features him cheering as he parachutes down to the ground, delighted that he had finally left the game again, however, he then lands in the middle of in quick sand, right next to a lion, causing him to cringe in horror as the parachute flops over him.

In Hawaiian Style, Duncan is the last of the three contestants introduced, and is the only one not to land on his feet when pushed on screen. He comments on Ezekiel being a "Total Drama Cockroach" over Heather. When the teams are revealed, Duncan gives Blaineley a Team Heather pennant. Although he doesn't reveal his own pennant, he stands next to Team Cody, implying he sides with him over Heather or Alejandro.

In Hawaiian Punch, he comments on how he is glad to be out of the game during the tie-breaker between Cody and Alejandro. He seems disappointed when Alejandro wins. He is seen running with the other contestants down the volcano as it is erupting. He is also seen laughing with the other contestants, when Chris's boat sinks after Ezekiel crashes into it, and is later seen swimming away from the island.

In the alternate ending, he cheers for Heather after she pushes Alejandro off the side of the volcano during the final challenge.

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