The daughter of a single mom, Gwen was a latch-key kid who grew up taking care of her kid brother. That's cool with Gwen, because she likes helping out her Mom, and has tons of fun with her brother, too. Like the time they put a bunch of beef bouillon cubes into the Community Pool. The only other thing that Gwen is passionate about is her art. She can lose herself in her sketch pad for hours and her favorite hobby is going downtown on the weekends and people watch. She's been told she's talented and hopes to make a career out of it one day. Gwen's the loner of her school, by choice. She doesn't need to hang out with a bunch of dorks just to feel better about herself and the last thing she'd do is follow a trend. Maybe a Trent... but never a trend. In fact, she wishes she never auditioned for Total Drama Island in the first place. She did it on a dare (to humor her brother) because she never thought they'd pick her. But now that she's been cast she figures she might as well make the most of it. Her plan is to play this thing out to the end just to prove what morons they really are. Besides, if she wins the $100,000 it would sure make life easier for her Mom. Gwen may seem tough as nails on the outside, but when it comes to her family, she's as soft as... well, a marshmallow! 

Total Drama IslandEdit

During the first few episodes of Total Drama Island, Gwen acts aggressively defensive and pessimistic. Despite her seemingly cold, harsh attitude, Gwen is not a bitter person, but is rather suspicious and very cautious about whom she lets into her life. When she was handcuffed to Geoff in Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon, she wound up revealing that she was never invited to a party, and sometimes wished that she could be a party girl. Gwen seems to give off the impression that she wants to join the crowd, but believes she won't fit in with it. Therefore, she became a Goth or lone wolf who spends most of her time in solitude. Gwen is smart, independent, level-headed, and is able to complete almost all challenges without much difficulty. This ability allows her to become Total Drama Island's runner-up. She has also made several good friends on the island. She harbors a strong dislike of Heather, who has done many cruel things to her, such as reading her diary aloud. Gwen also suffers from claustrophobia, as seen in Phobia Factor.

When Gwen arrives in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, she is already very disappointed and even a little angry, at the location of the island. Gwen seems to be a bit displeased by many things, such as Geoff's happy attitude towards everything. Gwen attempts to ignore Trent as well, but can't help smiling at him, foreshadowing their relationship. Gwen almost immediately makes enemies with Heather when she addresses her as "weird goth girl." Cody, who she throws out of her cabin after he tries to flirt with her, and Lindsay, who she called an idiot. However, Tyler then tries to comfort her by saying that she at least doesn't have to sleep next to Duncan. Gwen has a lot of interaction with Lindsay in this episode, though. After Lindsay screamed that she saw a cockroach, DJ jumped on Gwen's bunk and Gwen was very impressed by how Duncan killed the cockroach with an axe. While in the mess hall, Gwen questions Chef about the bad qualities of the grub, only for Chef to smash her grub onto her plate with a meat tenderizer.

In Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, Gwen is completely terrified when she jumped off the cliff, screaming continuously during the drop. She has another negative interaction with Heather. This is when she became exasperated over Heather's refusal to participate in the challenge. In The Big Sleep, Gwen was seen once during the twenty-kilometer run walking, telling Harold not to walk beside her. After becoming bloated from a buffet, she told Trent that the Awake-A-Thon segment of the challenge would probably be over in about an hour or less, after seeing a tired Owen walk past them. With Trent's help, the two of them stay awake by revealing each others secrets and thoughts about several things, and asking a few questions, hinting a relationship. They were sharing a very tender moment (and Gwen was about to fall asleep) but they were woken up and disturbed by the sleepwalking, naked Owen. By the eighty-five hour mark, Gwen is only one of the five people who are still awake. However, Gwen is extremely sad when Trent falls asleep, leaving only her and Duncan in the final two of the challenge. She managed to win the challenge, after Duncan took a snooze on "the can." Gwen fell asleep right when Chris announced the winner.

In Dodgebrawl, Gwen could barely stay awake for most of the episode, as she showed up late for breakfast, and immediately fell asleep when she sat down at the table. When Heather was teasing the Bass, Courtney tried to throw her oatmeal at Heather, but Heather moves away and the oatmeal hits Gwen instead. She participated in the challenge despite this in round one, where she got immediately thrown out by DJ, and did not go in again until round five, where she was in at the beginning until she got thrown out by DJ (again). She would have been out before that, but Cody selflessly jumped out in front of her when a dodge ball was heading towards her. She also got Courtney out for throwing oatmeal at her earlier in the episode during round five. Leshawna laughed along with Gwen, as Leshawna told Courtney she "messed with the wrong white girl!" This is the start of Gwen and Leshawna's friendship, which eventually leads up to Leshawna becoming Gwen's best friend. Gwen told Noah to shut it after he made a hypocritical comment after their team lost the challenge and Heather agreed with her.

In Not Quite Famous, Gwen starts a more complicated conflict with Heather. Gwen gets angry when she immediately declares herself lead judge of the auditions. She is calmed (and smitten) by Trent, however, when he stole an extra muffin for her. Sometime later in the episode, Gwen is alone with her diary, but she gets bothered by Cody, who doesn't seem to want to leave her alone. To get away from everything, she and Trent go to the dock of shame, but the moment is interrupted by Owen and Cody after they jumped in the water and splashed her. She angrily leaves the dock saying she hated the island. On her way back, she confronts Lindsay, who is attempting to stop Gwen from going into the cabin so Heather may steal Gwen's diary. Later, at the Talent show, the song Trent sings is devoted to Gwen. When Heather reads out her diary to the entire viewing audience, it is revealed she has a crush on Trent, making her run away in embarrassment. In spite of this, she borrows a red ant farm from Harold, which she later dumps in Heather's bed.

In The Sucky Outdoors, Gwen is so disappointed and embarrassed from the talent show that she doesn't even want to talk to Trent. Heather believes that Gwen is the one that needs to go next, but Trent disagrees. Possibly due to her embarrassment, Gwen doesn't have too many lines in the episode.

In Phobia Factor, Gwen admitted her fear of being buried alive, possibly due to her claustrophobia. For her part of the challenge, she had to be buried alive for five minutes. To help her out, Trent tried to talk to her via a walkie-talkie, but Gwen was left alone after Trent faced his own fear of mimes. Unintentionally, she is left in there much longer than just five minutes, since Trent forgot all about her. Right after, he faced his fear of mimes and went to talk to Chris. When Courtney is the only one left, Gwen attempts to make Courtney lose by making the green jelly sound more disgusting than it really was which may have contributed to Courtney failing her challenge.

In Up the Creek, when Trent and Gwen are just about to become canoeing partners, Cody manages to grab Gwen when she is alone, and attempts to persuade her to be his partner. Cody and Gwen become canoe partners, but only because Trent was also snagged off-guard by Lindsay and Beth. Gwen also mentioned Cody was like a very annoying little brother. Cody asks Gwen out on a date, but after Gwen refuses several times, Gwen whacks Cody with her canoeing paddle in the groin. Cody finally realizes she likes Trent, but she whacks him in the groin again when Cody admits he made a bet with Owen to get one of her bras. Much later into the episode, Cody successfully gets Gwen and Trent into a canoe together, and Gwen awards him with one of her bras.

In both Paintball Deer Hunter and If You Can't Take The Heat..., Gwen appeared but almost did nothing in either of these episodes.

In Who Can You Trust?, Gwen gets paired with Heather for the first part of the challenge. Obviously, due to their conflict, they don't trust each other. Heather rips off the bottom of Gwen's skirt when she is climbing up the mountain. Even though Gwen was embarrassed, the incident actually helped them win. She later got paired with Leshawna for the toboggan race down the cliff. She got scared about the route Leshawna took, as she wasn't blindfolded like Leshawna was, though they managed to win the challenge anyway.

In Basic Straining, Gwen wins invincibility for her team when she completes all the challenges without getting eliminated. Gwen laughs at Courtney when she runs outside to puke due to eating too much food. Gwen and Leshawna are shown to have become very close friends at this point, and Bridgette has also seemed to have joined the friendship as well. By winning the challenge, Gwen gained respect from Chef, even though Gwen wasn't too interested in it.

In X-Treme Torture, Gwen and Bridgette argue over who wrote a certain haiku, when Gwen thought that Trent wrote the haiku. However, whenever Gwen asked Trent about the haiku, many of the campers stared awkwardly at her, due to her saying it in an awkward way. Bridgette believed it was Geoff. Both Gwen and Bridgette fail trying to get their crushes to admit the poem. Gwen was witness to Geoff telling Bridgette he didn't even know what a haiku was. The girls make amends after their failures and hug each other, promising to figure out who wrote the poem together. Gwen and Bridgette thought that the only reasonable contenders would be Owen or DJ, due to Harold being... well, Harold, and Duncan having a big crush on Courtney. However, the person who wrote the haiku was who they never expected (Harold), proving Gwen and Bridgette wrong. Gwen had all this time because she did not participate in any parts, along with Bridgette.

In Brunch of Disgustingness, Gwen, along with nine other competitors, make it to the merge. She takes Leshawna's side, and is very pleased when Bridgette joins them. She does well in the challenges, and doesn't really complain about the dishes. Despite this, the girls still lose the challenge to the guys. Gwen and Leshawna lock Heather out of the Girl's cabin later that night.

In No Pain, No Game, Gwen begins to ignore Trent because of the fact that he left her buried alive several episodes ago. Trent then tells her she was the last person he'd leave buried alive if he had the choice. She is flattered, telling him that saying so was very sweet. They make up, and whisper to each other as their friends take on the most unbelievable dares. Gwen had the task of having her nose hairs pulled out forcefully, and she didn't make it past listening to New Age music torture. She voted Eva off, calling her a freak.

In Search and Do Not Destroy, Gwen had to get her key away from a group of skunks. Since Trent had already gotten his key, he helped Gwen out, which made Gwen admit her feelings towards Trent, and also lead her to kiss him. Since Heather saw this as an alliance and a threat, she sabotaged their relationship by tricking Trent and kissing him in front of Gwen. Gwen told Leshawna about what happened, and Leshawna told everyone on the island about the incident. When Trent is eliminated, Gwen, Leshawna and the other campers find out that Heather set them all up. Gwen and Trent say goodbye to each other on good terms, as Gwen tells Trent she didn't even vote for him. They try to share their first mutual kiss, but they are interrupted by Chris.

In Hide and Be Sneaky, she is still very sad about Trent being eliminated, but Leshawna comforts her. She says that, "nothing heals a broken heart like revenge" and Gwen smiles hoping to settle the score with Heather for Trent's unfair elimination. For her hiding place, she hid under a patch of grass. To prevent anything from seeing her, she punched an animal that got near her. Gwen was the fourth to last one caught, before Duncan, Geoff, and Leshawna. Owen accidentally tells her about the guys' alliance, causing the girls to unite and decide who to vote off. Her, Leshawna, and Bridgette all decide to vote off Duncan, although Bridgette was eliminated instead because Izzy didn't want to vote off Owen like Heather and Lindsay insisted.

In That's Off the Chain!, Gwen was playing Frisbee with most of the other remaining competitors. When Heather announced her bike's name, Gwen said that the bike was as light as her brain was. Gwen's bike was described by Chris as "spooky, yet practical." Geoff rode Gwen's bike, but it ended up getting broken in a collision by Geoff. Gwen had to ride Owen's bike, but it was extremely low on the ground, causing dirt to run into her face. She was very amused when Lindsay cursed at Heather, and parted Lindsay on good terms.

In Hook, Line, and Screamer, Gwen and Duncan admit they have the same all-time favorite horror movie, which really creeps out DJ. When the challenge begins, in order for the campers to "survive," Gwen takes the leadership role. However, much to her annoyance, nobody listens (except Duncan). Eventually, when there are only her and Duncan left, Gwen decides to go to the kitchen and make herself a sandwich out of pure frustration. She has conversation with the Killer, thinking that he is not a real psycho killer. However, when everyone worriedly comes in the building, Gwen kicks the Killer in the face, causing him to leave, and making Gwen get solo invincibility. When DJ is eliminated, she hugs him goodbye along with the other campers.

In Wawanakwa Gone Wild!, Gwen is tasked to catch a duck. She fights over a net with Heather, but let's go when she finds duck bait. In a confessional, she says that all she has been through was barely worth the hundred thousand dollars. The duck is seen to be a parody of the Roadrunner from Looney Tunes. Eventually, she is able to keep ahead of the duck and lure him into the cage. This makes her win the reward of a big feast. Right when she is about to eat it, Owen runs into it when he is chasing after his chipmunk. Despite Gwen winning, she receives the final marshmallow.

In Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon, she is paired up with Geoff which she is not excited about. Geoff's easy, ongoing attitude annoys Gwen. Geoff and Gwen stop when she thinks they're lost; while Gwen tries to gain her bearings, Geoff starts taking pictures of the surrounding woods. This pushes Gwen over the edge, and she grabs the camera and throws it into a nearby pond, then starts demanding Geoff take things more seriously, and to stop pretending to be her friend. Geoff counters saying that he wasn't pretending, and that he genuinely wanted to be her friend and that if they went to the same school, he'd certainly invite her to his parties, except that he thought she'd never want to go. Gwen reveals that there were times she wishes she was a bubbly popular girl that went to parties and sang karaoke, but dejectedly states that she just doesn't think she has partying in her DNA. Geoff tells her that partying isn't something found in DNA, and that it's more of a state of mind, and invites her to a party when they both leave the island. At the campfire ceremony, Chris hands out marshmallows to Leshawna, Duncan, Heather and Owen. With Geoff and Gwen left, Gwen believes her time is up and concedes defeat, but Chris tells her to sit down, and then gives her the last marshmallow. Gwen is shocked that party boy Geoff was voted off, as he was the nicest guy there; but Duncan, Owen and Heather reveal that's exactly why he had to go, being popular with the others, if Geoff made it to the final they would help Geoff win, so he had to go. Geoff accepts his fate, and heads for the Dock of Shame.

On the way, Gwen stops him and gives him back his camera, which she fished out of the pond on Boney Island, though it probably has some Wawanakwa water in it. Gwen is about to say goodbye when Geoff grabs her and takes a picture of them, complete with a small fish in the image.

In Haute Camp-ture, Chris asks Trent if he has anything to say to any of the campers left in the contest, and he wants to tell Gwen that he's rooting for her and misses her; he also admits that he is in love with Gwen and hopes that she's over the whole "kissing Heather thing." Izzy jumps in and says that if she were Gwen, Trent would be seriously maimed. Courtney says that Gwen is "okay" and smart, but isn't a "team player," comparing Gwen to herself and suggesting that she should be in Gwen's place. Noah tells her to get over it, and Courtney throws her drink at him, knocking him into the water. Lindsay says that Gwen was harsh sometimes, but in the end, she played an awesome joke on Heather, namely planting Harold's red ant farm in her bed. Bridgette says that she liked Gwen and Leshawna because of how nice they were to her when the teams merged, and wanted either of them to win. At the end of the episode, Lindsay, Cody, Bridgette (she also wanted Leshawna to win), and Trent wanted Gwen to win.

In Camp Castaways, she is sad that Leshawna was eliminated in the previous episode. In the confessional, she took herself to the limit, even saying she might die in the island she was on. Gwen made a raft eventually, and gave Duncan a raft ride in exchange for the egg Duncan had found. However, it just took them in a complete circle. After she admitted the worst thing she ever did, Heather questioned if Gwen was even her real name.

In Are We There Yeti?, she has to be paired with Heather. Despite their conflict, they eventually realize, only for the challenge, they would have to cooperate. Eventually, after many cases where the guys and the girls stole each others' stuff, the girls were left with no supplies. Gwen thinks the guys are hiding behind a bush, but it turns out it was a Sasquatchanakwa. Heather and Gwen, that night, stole all the guys stuff, causing the girls to win invincibility. She parted on good terms with Duncan.

In I Triple Dog Dare You!, Gwen seemed that the sudden death challenge was a good idea. She performed some dares, and made Heather do some of her other ones. She did Ezekiel's dare (chew your own toenail slowly), Katie and Sadie's dare (kiss a dead fish), Cody's dare (drop a tray of ice into your underwear and let them melt), Leshawna's dare (walk on a tightrope while holding meat above shark-infested waters) and she saved her last freebie but didn't use it in able to have an alliance with Owen to try to get Heather eliminated for Geoff's dare (drink fruit punch from a toilet). After several rounds of dares, Gwen formed a temporary alliance with Owen in order to eliminate Heather, and Owen gave half of his twenty freebies to Gwen. Owen agreed because if she split the money with him if she won the game or if Owen won, she'd give him a box full of donuts. Eventually, after Heather performs many dares, she meets her downfall and Gwen finally makes it into the final two, with Owen happy as can be.

In The Very Last Episode, Really!, Gwen said the island mostly stank, and the only good thing is that she did meet five sane campers. She said she would use the money to get into a good university, and split half the cash with Owen. After Owen promised a huge party, only Eva, Cody, Leshawna, and Trent remained on her side. Gwen wore the chicken hat for the race. Gwen had a good start, taking an easy lead but after Heather put butter on her pole, it stopped her for a bit, until Trent wiped it off. Gwen had a little daydream about Trent but Leshawna told her to knock it off as she got the flag, taking the lead. For the next challenge, she got one of the eggs and had to cross a plank to the other side without dying. Heather, though found Justin and took off his shirt, distracting both her and Owen. Gwen stops being distracted and gets a good lead. Owen later stops to run to the bathroom after having a brownie that Heather was supposed to give Gwen to make her feel sick to her stomach. Apparently, Gwen gave it to Owen causing him to have an "over-active" digestive system. She was winning until Owen gets motivated by the brownies, causing her to be the runner up, but allowing her to regain confidence in Trent. At this moment, Trent lifts Gwen onto his shoulders and convinces her to go out with him. Gwen finally agrees. At the end of the episode, Gwen tries to be kind to Heather, but playfully reminds her that she still stank literally and metaphorically.

In an alternate ending to The Very Last Episode, Really!, Gwen is the winner. After Owen knocks her down, Trent walks over and encourages Gwen to get up and keep fighting, saying that she shouldn't lose this thing because she is angry. They stare at each other for a while and Gwen finally smiles while Trent helps her up. They continue to stare at each other until she hears Owen say "Ooh brownies I'm coming to get you!" She then says she will never win, but Trent tells her to run. Owen's side begins to cheer as Owen makes it to the finish line. As Izzy was outside the finish line, Owen ran into her and stopped there, allowing Gwen to pass him and win Total Drama Island. She is then awarded the final marshmallow and Owen gives her a hug. Owen is disappointed that there isn't going to be a party, but then Gwen says that after her studies she is going to throw a party and everyone is invited (except Heather). Owen then asks if she is going to take someone special, to which she replies, "Only if he will go with me," referring to Trent. Trent and Gwen then officially become a couple. Then, the guys throw Chris off the dock and Gwen tells Heather that she has to be happy for that, before telling her that she stinks.

In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, Gwen first laughs at the smiley face Leshawna had drawn on the back of Heather's head and later allies with Trent and Leshawna (her current closest friends in the island) for the search for the million-dollar briefcase. Her group is the only one that witnesses Heather being attacked by beavers, but instead of helping, they laughed at her and continued their search. Later, she and Trent have to leave Leshawna, and later fall into Lake Wawanakwa, joining several other contestants in a tie. Due to not being able to destroy the fine print on her contract, she is forced to compete in Total Drama Action against her will.

Total Drama ActionEdit

Gwen returns to compete for one million dollars in Total Drama Action. Gwen did not share a bunk with anyone after the first episode, due to Bridgette being voted off. She starts out being as close as ever to Trent, her now-official boyfriend, but things quickly get tense in Alien Resurr-eggtion, when Trent becomes jealous of Gwen and Duncan's close friendship. Gwen notices Trent going out of his way to fit into their conversations and failing miserably, which makes her feel awkward. Despite the tension, Trent proves his worth when he saves Gwen's lucky necklace from falling in the sewers, sacrificing his potential win for the challenge. Gwen is so awed by his devotion that she gives Trent her necklace as a good luck charm, saying it looks good on him. She and Trent win the challenge, but in a shocking twist, the two winners are now forced to become founders of the two new teams for the season, meaning Trent and Gwen have to compete against each other, much to their displeasure.

In Riot On Set, Gwen becomes the captain of the Screaming Gaffers. She picks Duncan, Leshawna, Harold, DJ, and Heather to form her team. Because Duncan was her first pick, Trent is once again jealous of Gwen's friendship with him, who retaliates by picking "the beautiful" Lindsay for his team first. Gwen's comparatively casual choice of Duncan made her realize that Trent was now trying to make her jealous of him, which leaves her shocked. Trent's behavior in this episode continues to surprise Gwen as he outright calls her and Duncan "punk wannabes" when Duncan catches Gwen when she falls from the steep hill, having the other Killer Grips gasp in shock as Gwen and Duncan become gravely annoyed. Gwen tries to keep her cool and focus on defeating the whole opposing team rather than just Trent. Through this, Gwen's team wins the first challenge. Gwen later assures Trent that she has no romantic feelings for Duncan, who she says keeps a secret photo of Courtney under his pillow.

However, in Beach Blanket Bogus, Trent begins to act strangely as he becomes oddly particular about the strangest things, such as how many eggs he has on his plate. Duncan has now resorted to pranking him, but seems to have no real animosity towards him and is just poking fun at him for his obsession over Gwen. When Gwen's team wins their first challenge, she gives a friendly hug to Duncan, convincing Trent (in his eyes), that Gwen would eventually betray him. When the cast return to Total Drama Island for the remainder of their beach-themed challenge, Trent's obsession for Gwen reaches new levels in wanting to name the Killer Grips' sand castle after her, as well as doing absolutely everything nine times. Gwen realizes the significance of the number when Duncan points out that the number of letters in her name combined with the number of letters in Trent make up nine. Harold adds that the obsession with the number started when Trent first took an interest in Gwen. This causes her to panic when Trent tries to strike up a conversation with her and she discovers him carrying nine branches. Later, Trent throws a dance-off challenge against Leshawna, believing that Gwen would be saddened if her team lost. Gwen feels responsible for causing his mental distress. The two have a private chat in the forest where they iron out their problems. As they are about to kiss, Owen reveals himself in wanting to see them make out. They respond by throwing branches at him.

Despite Gwen's attempts to keep the relationship together, she officially breaks up with Trent in 3:10 to Crazytown as he continues to throw challenges for her sake while she simply wants to win the competition fair and square. Seeing that the obsession for her was changing Trent for the worse, Gwen gently ended their relationship. However, Justin overheard this and called Gwen out on cheating to win. He exposed the situation to the entire Killer Grips team, whom initially did not believe that Gwen would resort to such measures, but Gwen shamefully admits to her being in the wrong by not resolving the situation sooner. Justin and the others found it hard to trust Gwen until she told them specifically to vote off Trent in order to prove that she honestly wanted to win the right way. The team did as Gwen instructed, thus eliminating Trent from the competition without even having a chance to say goodbye to Gwen. Gwen, however, is shown a video of Trent being escorted out via Chris McLean, who simply did it just to make Gwen feel even worse about what she had done. It remains to be seen when or if the relationship will be touched upon or resolved in the future. Due to Gwen allowing things to get out of hand this far in the competition, she now apparently "owes" the Killer Grips (at the insistence of Justin) even after following her advice to vote Trent off; as a result, Gwen and Justin become closer enemies.

In The Aftermath: I, there seem to be only a few people who agree with Gwen's decision to break up with Trent and get him voted off the show. At the end of the episode, the only people of the non-participating contestants that seem to still agree with her are Cody and possibly Geoff (who was her most vocal supporter). He may or may not have changed his mind after making up with Bridgette (who was an avid Trent supporter from the beginning, despite Gwen being one of her best friends) and hearing Trent's side of the story. This turn of events indicates that Gwen has become somewhat unpopular amongst the show's contestants, despite proving to be such a competent and honest competitor.

In The Chefshank Redemption, Gwen begins to throw challenges for the Killer Grips throughout the prison challenge. In the prison food challenge, it looked like Gwen would lose since Lindsay's dish tasted good and Gwen's dish tasted awful. After Lindsay finished her food, Gwen barfed up Beth's retainer. Beth put it back in her mouth covered in barf, which made Lindsay the first one to power hurl the food. Heather became suspicious about Gwen and kept accusing her of trying to make their team lose. During the escape tunnel challenge, Gwen slows her team down by faking claustrophobia and whacks Harold on the head with a gold shovel. As it was down between Gwen and Heather for the final Gilded Chris Award, Heather gets the trophy and heads up to the podium to tell everyone what a loser Gwen was. In the confessional, Heather, Harold, and Leshawna voted her off. Leshawna and Harold both voted off Gwen for the shovel incident. As she was being handcuffed by Chef in order to head to the Lame-o-Sine, Duncan offered to take Gwen's place, as a way of saying he really wanted to be out of the competition, but was quick to say that he was just kidding when Chef agreed to it. Gwen tells Duncan he won't get out of the competition that easily and wishes him lots of luck. In the confessional, it was revealed that the Grips ordered Gwen to vote herself off the show. Gwen is the first contestant from the Screaming Gaffers to get voted off, and the first person to ever vote themself off in the Total Drama series.

In One Flu Over the Cuckoos, the Screaming Gaffers have learned about Gwen cheating on behalf of the Killer Grips, though they do not yet know that she was blackmailed into doing so by Justin. It has yet to be seen how this affects her relationship with the other Gaffers.

In The Aftermath: II many of the other contestants (especially Courtney, Katie, and Sadie) and most of the audience seem to not like Gwen much anymore as she is booed by the whole audience when she comes out on stage, with everyone believing that Gwen had sold out Trent to stay in the competition instead of just taking a break from him. She is criticized by everyone for the way she broke up with Trent. Throughout the show she states that she does still cares deeply about Trent and likes everyone on the show, and truthfully states that she and Duncan are only friends. This however, does not get through to Courtney as Geoff, for his own amusement, manipulatively displays an off-screen scene in which she and Duncan allegedly almost kissed. A jealous Courtney, who refuses to see that Gwen is telling the truth about herself and Duncan, chooses to believe Geoff, and is infuriated, thereby sealing her rivalry with Gwen. When Gwen is about to go into a piranha-infested dunk tank at Geoff's insistence, Trent helps stop it and says he did cheat so he knew he would be kicked off. Trent's intervention allows him and Gwen to make up with each other, as she thanks him and apologizes for what she did to him. Trent returns this, saying they are even. Currently, the two of them have return to being friends.

Gwen is mentioned in One Million Bucks, B.C. because of her relationship with Duncan. Throughout the episode Courtney tells off Duncan about his "close friendship" with Gwen, assuming that Duncan purposely tried to hook up with her. Duncan truthfully denied this at all times, along with admitting he is still crazy about Courtney. Gwen appears again in The Aftermath: III, now as a commentator sitting next to Trent. However she has no lines in this episode. In Mutiny on the Soundstage, Gwen is shocked along with the other contestants about the tie between Duncan and Beth.

Like everyone else, Gwen is seen again in The Aftermath: IV. She gets embarrassed when Trent plays the guilt trip while asking his question. Later, she gets her chance, and asks the two finalists "what would they do with the money to help the environment when they're not thinking of themselves." Gwen likes Beth's answer, until Duncan says his answer and she then says she knows who her vote goes to. Gwen is later seen in the voting stall where she says she won't show her vote as she doesn't want to be seen as "predictable." Gwen is seen smiling when Duncan wins, but doesn't really "cheer" along with everyone else (the same is in the alternate ending where Beth wins).

It's revealed in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special that after Total Drama Action, Gwen began a web show to talk about her time with the cast and to help the environment. Katie and Sadie joined her as her assistants (though they would speak before they were supposed to). This implies that they are not mad at her anymore. The show soon came under attack by Heather, who mocked the show with her own web video. This caused Gwen to lash out with secretly recorded footage. The two were brought into Celebrity Manhunt's studio for an interview, only to get into a fist fight. Around the same time, Gwen has been receiving e-mails from fans who asked whether she liked Duncan or not. She denies them and states that Duncan already has a girlfriend. However, after discovering that Duncan and Courtney had broken up, Gwen states in her blog that Courtney is nuts to break up with Duncan and accidentally calls Duncan hot. This show that at this point, Gwen is already attracted to Duncan. The two join everyone at the red carpet show, only to find that Chris is starting a new reality show. Gwen teams up with the rest of the cast to stop Chris and his new team, but their efforts are in vain when Courtney drives the bus off a cliff. Gwen is amongst the people rescued by Chris and proceeds to Total Drama World Tour (thinking this may be her season).

Total Drama World TourEdit

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, Gwen got off the bus after Heather, and asked for a seat as far away from Heather and her "pony hair" ponytail. Duncan makes a joke about Heather's hair as well, and Gwen laughs. This scene shows that Gwen is still friends with Duncan, much to the disgust of Courtney. At first, Gwen refused to sing, along with Duncan, but after Bridgette read the rules of the competition and Cody persuaded her, Gwen changed her mind and sang along with the others. During the challenge, Gwen was climbing the pyramid by herself, until Duncan offered for her to join him and Courtney. Gwen and Courtney started arguing all the way up to the top of the pyramid, which lead to Duncan becoming highly annoyed with the two and causing him to quit. Gwen, along with Courtney, were both sad when Duncan decided to quit. Gwen was placed on Team Amazon, along with Heather, Courtney, Izzy, and Cody.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2, Gwen was still in shock that Duncan quit the competition. Cody tries to hit on Gwen again, since Trent is gone, but Gwen only thanks him about helping her get closer to Trent. During Lovin' Time, Gwen sings as a part of a trio including Courtney and Heather during the song, but has no solos (this happens a lot in most songs in the season. Example is Stuck To A Pole). Gwen laughs at Heather, when she tells the rest of the team that they should listen to her more. Gwen and her team get lost on their camel and causes them to arrive at the Nile last. After Sierra switches onto Team Amazon by giving away Izzy, the team is able to cross the Nile easier, but aren't able to get their camel onto their boat until Alejandro requests Izzy to help them out. During Rowin' Time, Gwen has minimal participation, but has a small solo, pleading the crocodiles to let them reach the shore. Gwen, and the rest of her team, were able to cross the finish line first and escape elimination.

In Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan, Gwen, Courtney and Heather are still on bad terms with each other. When Courtney calls herself the "team leader," Gwen tells Courtney that they don't need a team leader, because they are already winning. Gwen had two solos in Before We Die. During the first challenge, Heather suggested that Gwen do it, adding that Gwen's face needing "remodeling," Gwen reminds Heather that they are on the same team and tells her to flip the "witch switch" off. Gwen suggests spinning hockey heads for their commercial, but Heather and Courtney have different ideas. The argument ends up with the girls (except Sierra) storming off. When Chris asked for the Amazons' commercial, Gwen stated that this was very humiliating. But suddenly, Cody and Sierra appear saying that they did a commercial. Cody and Sierra win the challenge for Team Amazon, as Chef liked their commercial because it had exploding donuts. In the end, Sierra cheered with a group hug with Cody. Gwen, along with Courtney and Heather, were about to join the hug, but Sierra told them to back off.

In Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, Gwen and her team are enjoying their time in the winners' compartment. After everyone arrives in the Yukon, Courtney suggests everyone to huddle for warmth, Cody tries to hug Gwen, but she pushes him away. During the challenge, Gwen thought it wasn't so hard, until the ice she was standing on was about to break. Gwen is seen later standing by a pole, waiting for her team to pick her up. Gwen and her team sang backup for Bridgette in Stuck to a Pole. Gwen and her team were the last ones to cross the finish lines, but since Team Victory didn't have Bridgette, Team Amazon came in second place, while Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot came in first.

In Broadway, Baby!, Gwen and her team are sitting in the commercial cabin. Gwen offers to help Courtney in voting off Heather if they lose another challenge, which Courtney gladly accepts. Before Courtney was about to suggest they belay up the statue, Gwen sarcastically says it worked so well last time. Gwen's team were the first up the Statue of Liberty, Gwen went down the fire pole first, and seemed to have landed awfully hard, as she said in a strained voice "I'm okay!" Team Amazon won the challenge, after Heather switched Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot's baby carriage with a real baby carriage.

In Slap Slap Revolution, Gwen and Courtney were relaxing and eating chocolates served to them. Gwen had one solo in Eine Kleine, singing about how she couldn't wait for Heather to be eliminated. Gwen and her team came in last place during the second challenge. Gwen, along with Courtney, sat out the last challenge and watched the rest of her team. After Heather got slapped by Leshawna, Gwen said in the confessional that she couldn't have thought of a better way for Heather to take one for the team. Team Amazon won the challenge, after Alejandro let Sierra knock him off.

In The Am-AH-Zon Race, Gwen was watching Sierra work on her "computer." Gwen asked her what she was doing and Sierra told her she was working on her blog and offered Gwen to look at her e-mail when she was finished, Gwen said that would be cool. However, after seeing it wasn't a real computer, Gwen turned down her offer. After Chris announced where they were going, Gwen stated that since it's the Amazon and they're called Team Amazon, it could be a lucky sign. Sierra told Gwen that it's bad luck to be overly-confident and covered Gwen's mouth, to keep her from saying it again. Chris even announces over the intercom that he hoped no one from Team Amazon said being in the Amazon would bring good luck. After this announcement, Gwen is given dirty looks from all of her teammates. Cody begged Gwen if she could look after the EpiPen for him instead of Sierra, in case he gets bitten by bugs that he is deathly allergic to (and because Cody is in love with her). When they come to the fork in the road, Heather lets Gwen decide which way to go "because she is feeling so lucky." She chooses right, against Cody and Sierra's idea, and Gwen and her team are captured by the "Zing-Zings." When Gwen and her team were tied up, Gwen searched through Cody's back pocket for a flashlight so she could use the batteries to contact Chris on the walkie-talkie. Gwen instead found some X-Ray glasses, which could see through Cody's clothes. Gwen freaked out after seeing Cody naked and states in the confessional that everyone wears underwear in the Amazon. Gwen accidentally stabbed herself with the EpiPen in Cody's pocket, which makes her hyper and jittery. Gwen had a solo as a rap during Gypsy Rap. Afterwards, Gwen fell asleep since the EpiPen was beginning to wear off. After Team Amazon lost, Gwen and Courtney were able to talk Sierra into voting off Heather, but Sierra accepts on one condition on Gwen's part: don't be nice to Cody, which Gwen agrees to. Gwen was shocked when Chris reveals the challenge wasn't an elimination challenge, that the ceremony was fake, and she knew Heather would definitely get her revenge sooner or later.

In Can't Help Falling in Louvre, Gwen does not speak much in the episode, until the walk-off challenge. Gwen told Cody to cheer up Sierra, since her crying was getting on her team's nerves, and stated that the team could do the challenge without them. She is chosen by DJ to be his model, Gwen accepts, yet complains that she hates models, and being stared at. During the walk-off, she is seen wearing one of DJ's shirts and hat, as she sulks across the stage. She gets frustrated, throws the shirt at Chris, and walks off-stage, angry. Despite this, DJ actually wins the challenge because despite Gwen's poor modeling skills, the judges like DJ's shirt.

In the beginning of Newf Kids on the Rock, Gwen is seen reading a book, until she gets annoyed with Heather climbing through the vents. She and Courtney are sitting together in first class, laughing and gossiping about Heather, and her attraction to Alejandro, for which Heather denied. Later, she is seen in the confessional saying that Heather shouldn't become too obsessed with Alejandro, or it'll mess up her game plan, like her relationship with Duncan did last season. She quickly corrects herself and says Trent. She then demands the tape back. Later, Courtney and Gwen both think they see Duncan, but it is just a rock shaped like him. Sierra tells them that when you "see" people, it means you care about them. When Courtney then wonders why Gwen also thought the rock was Duncan, Gwen claims she has no idea, laughing awkwardly. At the end of the episode, Gwen lies to Heather saying that she's the one who got Team Amazon lost; taking the blame to save Courtney.

In Jamaica Me Sweat, Gwen states that she'll take dude smell over leaks any day when she and Courtney complain about the economy section. After they land in Jamaica, Gwen asks Chris if they, excluding Owen and Izzy, would get any help, should they get injured. Chris states that they're broke, implying a no. During the first part of the challenge, she mentions her concerns of getting a sun burn, due to her paleness. The sun starts to burn her, but the burns only get worse when Heather slaps her, reminding her to get moving in the challenge by jumping off the cliff. In the water, she manages to avoid a shark, but gets shocked by the eels as she finds the gold. Alejandro jumps in and saves her, carrying her and the reward out of the water afterwards. Her team wins the first part of the challenge, but she ends up in the infirmary with Owen and Izzy due to electric shock by the eels. When Owen asks her if she was okay, she replies that it's nothing a little coma wouldn't fix and that at least that she's out of the sun. She seems really surprised when she sees Izzy being so smart. As Owen laments over his loss of Izzy, Gwen states that he got sucked out of a plane and nearly died thanks to her, and that it was just that day. When the song bell rings, she complains that she and Owen were in the infirmary, and shouldn’t have to sing, but Chris reminds her that if she doesn't sing, she's would be out of the competition. She provides a little bit of backup singing for Owen as he sings Oh My Izzy. Unlike Owen, she was not released from the infirmary in time to compete in the challenge, and instead was held to recover. She's later seen with her team on the plane as they give angry looks at Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot, who won the challenge. In a deleted scene, Gwen is shown relaxing when suddenly a group of eels appear before her and attacked and shocked her.

At the beginning of I See London..., Gwen is shown to have a horrible sun burn located only on her left hand and is confused on how it got there (not knowing what Cody had been doing beforehand). When the challenge is announced with Jack the Ripper, Gwen reveals she did a speech on him in elementary school and Courtney did a report on the city of London. This knowledge actually winds up getting her and Courtney working together graciously. When she, Courtney, and Heather arrive at a room with a medieval torture machine, Gwen volunteers Heather to be the victim, and tortures her until she gets the next clue. Later, Gwen and Courtney go into a punk rock club and find Duncan, whom they capture, which causes her team to win. Gwen and Courtney's friendship blossoms even more as they talk about Duncan's returning. Courtney still believes Gwen has a crush on Duncan and she states that she was going to keep a close eye on the two. Later in the confessional, Gwen starts talking about Duncan, and he interrupts her. Duncan asks her what happened to her hand, which she responds saying she was confused to what happened to it, but was glad he was back to make fun of her about it, Duncan returned the compliment and grabbed her sun-burned hand, which stung, but they end up kissing.

In Greece's Pieces, Gwen is talking with Courtney about Duncan. She says in the confessional that she feels like a terrible person for kissing Courtney's boyfriend, now that she has become her friend. Although, Gwen says she would like to kiss him again. After Chris announces they're going to Greece, she is seen flirting with Duncan. Gwen, along with Duncan, volunteer themselves for the first challenge. Later, she sings Greek Mix with Duncan and gets a golden medal. In the tie-breaker, Tyler reveals the secret of Duncan and Gwen's kiss, causing Courtney to become furious with Gwen and yell at her. Courtney tries to attack Gwen, saying that she has lost all trust she had just started to develop with Gwen. After seeing how sad Gwen was, Cody decided to win the challenge so she could stay, but Gwen is slapped by Courtney. At the end of the episode, she says that she loved the kiss, but wonders if the kiss was really worth it.

In The EX-Files, she is seen alone in the first class cabin, as Gwen finds herself the new target amongst her teammates. She talks with Duncan in the plane, making Courtney even angrier at them. With Sierra and Courtney still furious at her, she finds herself being called the new Heather. Gwen is scolded by her teammates after accidentally leading them onto a minefield, she stays silent while Heather and Courtney sing, Boyfriend Kisser, a song reprimanding her for kissing Duncan in I See London..., she tries to congratulate Cody in the attempt to pull him into an alliance but is cut short by Heather. In Area 51, Gwen bumps into Duncan and they share a second kiss before Gwen playfully trips him to give her team a head start. Gwen manages to find an alien artifact, but while running to give it to Chris, she is tripped by Courtney, fortunately for her Chris caught the box and gives Team Amazon the victory, saving Gwen from elimination.

In Picnic at Hanging Dork, Gwen makes an alliance with Cody, offering to help him vote Sierra out later if he helps her out with Courtney. During the emu challenge, Gwen rides alone and reaches the peak quite late, only managing to overtake Sierra. During the bungee-jumping challenge Gwen grabs a cactus instead of a sheep, causing her to yowl in pain. When she sees Duncan fake-crying over Courtney, Gwen angrily talks to herself because she thinks he still has feelings for Courtney. In the elimination ceremony, Gwen ties with Courtney and the two are forced into a tie-breaker challenge where they have to feed two starving koalas without using their hands. Unfortunately, Gwen is allergic to eucalyptus and her face immediately begins to puff up. Due to Courtney's experience in koala feeding, Gwen ends up losing the challenge and is eliminated. She walks towards the entrance as she insults Courtney and falls from the plane in mid-insult, before being able to put on her parachute. A deleted scene shows that she eventually managed to activate her parachute, and spends her drop complaining about losing because of her allergies, she then cusses out Courtney, and promises to "make her wish she was never born." However, her speech is cut off when she lands next to the same Kangaroo that had punched Duncan earlier. The kangaroo growls angrily at Gwen and she screams before the camera shuts off.

Although Gwen didn't appear in Sweden Sour, she was mentioned multiple times by many of the contestants. Cody even built a replica of Gwen's head out of wood during one of the challenges and also drew pictures of her, as did Duncan.

In Aftermath Aftermayhem, Gwen is one of the three guests added to the peanut gallery, the others being Noah and Tyler. Blaineley introduced her as the girl referred to as "boyfriend kisser," and the "new Heather." In the second chance challenge, she talks and jokes around with Trent, showing she is still able to be friends with him. Gwen did not receive one of the cans that allowed an attempt to return to the competition.

Gwen was mentioned in Niagara Brawls, when Chris makes the cast think she has returned. As he describes the returning contestant, Heather and Courtney scowl, while Duncan and Cody are both shown smiling and expecting Gwen but are disappointed to find that it is Blaineley entering the competition instead.

In African Lying Safari, Gwen was mentioned by Heather in order to get Duncan off his game which is successful and Duncan was eliminated. In the exclusive clip of the episode, Duncan tells Gwen that he will be seeing her soon.

Gwen was mentioned in Awwwwww, Drumheller, by Cody, who was having a dream about Gwen asking him to marry her.

In Hawaiian Style, Gwen was sitting in the Peanut Gallery next to Duncan. Gwen, along the other ex-contestants, were frightened by Bruno. She was also seen in the rest of the episode, cheering for Cody. She was also seen near Trent many times. In a Polish clip from this episode, Duncan and Gwen were relaxing together while Courtney was singing a song insulting them. Duncan eventually got so angry that he threw a sandal at Courtney's face, knocking her down. Gwen smiled at Duncan and they kissed.

In Hawaiian Punch, Gwen was seen cheering for Cody in the first part of the episode. She was also seen at the top of the volcano when the winner was announced. At the end of the episode, she escapes from the volcano along with the other ex-contestants, and mocked Chris and Chef when their boat was sinking. She is last seen swimming away from the island as it is being covered by lava.

Code: Total Drama RealityEdit

Due to what happened Chris decided to have another season much to the chagrin of Gwen and everyone else and held the new season in France. At the same time as the season started the corrupted digital entity known as XANA had reawakened and started his plans for his revenge against the Lyoko Warriors. When the season started the first episode was interrupted when XANA disrupted communications in France to deliver his message while endangering the lives of Trent, Geoff, Eva, Beth, Justin, Katie, and Sadie.

After the attack was over the members without a team were sorted and a new challenge was started. She was one of the people who saved Aelita during XANA’s second attack when she witnessed a Tarantula chasing Aelita and followed it. They stopped the monster and Aelita who had an injured leg at the time brought her along with Geoff, Bridgette, LeShawna, and DJ to the factory where they became the first new Lyoko Warriors. Gwen’s character form was a spell caster capable of using elemental powers in the form of auras that showed which element she was using and a scythe as her main weapon.

After the first battle with XANA Gwen and the others agreed to help Aelita rescue her friends while making sure they were not eliminated. Since coming onto a part of Team Lyoko Gwen has had to make sure Lyoko is kept a secret from the others and still compete on the show. After her near death experience during her second trip to Lyoko she focuses on staying on the show knowing that if one of the warriors leaves the war becomes harder, becoming even closer to her fellow Lyoko warriors, making amends with Trent and ignores Heather and Courtney when they bug her unless she is really annoyed and tries to keep her relationship with Duncan stable. During XANA’s fourth attack she was fatally wounded by a polymorphic clone of Aelita XANA had created to frame her for murder.

All the other contestants (except Heather, Sierra, and Alejandro ) saw it and attacked the clone while Noah, Beth, and Cody tried to save Gwen. When DJ came up Gwen persuaded him to send Cody into Lyoko to help Aelita, Bridgette, and Geoff who were outnumbered by Dragon Knights. Cody accepted and Gwen was saved seconds away from bleeding to death. Later, when XANA imprisoned all of the other contestants in a Simulation Bubble Gwen learned the truth of her relationship with Duncan.

After finding out why Duncan kissed her while cheating on Courtney Gwen was left miserable but recovered saying ‘The funny thing is I wasn’t as surprised as I should have been’ suggesting she suspected he had an ulterior motive. Gwen would later break up with Duncan during the trip to the woods using his fight with Trent as an excuse because she didn’t want him to become suspicious. While traveling up to Carlos’s cabin in the woods Gwen and her team came upon the house Aelita lived in with her parents when she was really young. She agreed to stay behind while Geoff, Bridgette, LeShawna, and DJ because she was the center of attention from Heather, Courtney, Duncan, and Trent due to her history with them.

While they were gone XANA had launched an attack by using satellites to materialize a large number of his monsters on the mountain the cast was staying at for the night. She along with everyone were attacked by monsters that had surrounded the cabin, hoping to surprise them and finish them off. They managed to escape but the monsters chased them through the forest and they were unable to call for help since their cell phones were fried the EMP field XANA had used to materialize his monsters.

As they attempted to escape Geoff, LeShawna, and Cody were injured making it almost impossible to escape the mountain while at the same time avoiding the hoard of monsters after them. They were forced to head for Aelita’s house since the lab was shielded from EMP field and was the only for them to reach Lyoko and contact Aelita for help. They ran into Kurt and later Carlos who helped them reach the cabin and took shelter in the laboratory basement. Once they were all in the lab Gwen quickly contacted Aelita who was already in Lyoko attempting to reach the tower but was blocked by the Terror Bird.

When Gwen revealed that three of them were injured and in no shape to enter the scanners Aelita suggested that she recruit a few more members of the cast shocking Gwen who along with Bridgette and DJ were hesitant to do since there were few members of the cast that they believed could not keep a secret as big as theirs. Gwen and Bridgette agreed to head into Lyoko to meet up with Aelita and then sort out on who should come but when she entered the scanner she was cornered by Courtney and Heather who demanded to know what was going on. Gwen was in no mood to deal with them and quickly told DJ to virtualize them but just before the scanner closed both Heather and Courtney jumped into the scanner and grabbed Gwen. DJ was unable to stop the process and Heather and Courtney ended up virtualized in Lyoko.

When Courtney and Heather asked questions without end Gwen quickly whacked them on their heads to keep them quiet so she could explain what was going on. She along with Bridgette explained to them the situation and showed them how to use their powers quickly before a group of monsters appeared and attacked them. As they fought DJ was convinced by Duncan and Trent to be virtualized but Izzy and Noah ended up virtualized accidently along with them. They helped fend off the monsters and the ones following Aelita has she made it to the island and met the new recruits.

Powers and Abilities

Expert Scythe Wielding Skills: After a few trips to Lyoko Gwen has shown herself to be adept at wielding her scythe in battle against XANA’s monsters and generals.

Spells: Gwen’s greatest strength is the spells she can cast. Her character is a spell caster type giving her the ability to cast different spells for binding, healing, destruction and she can summon elemental auras in battle.

  • Red Aura: When Gwen activates this aura she can set anything on fire in her eyes sight or make her weapon and body so hot that anything melts down she touches.
  • Green Aura: Gwen is able to use wind when using this aura. She can create a whirlwind by swinging her scythe like a fan, she also can use to fly faster but not as stable as her flight ability.
  • Yellow Aura: With this aura Gwen gains Geokinesis which allows her to control the earth of Lyoko. She can cause rock slides in some sectors and lift rocks up to shield her and others from attacks.
  • Azure Aura: Unlike the other auras this is not an elemental aura but allows her to boost one of her stats, Speed, Power, Strength, Defense, Stamina but it costs her life points depending on how much she needs to increase whatever she wants. Referred to as "Light Blue Aura" 'in-series'.
  • Black Aura: This allows her to hide in the shadow of her enemies to avoid being seen or to escape capture. This one costs fifty life points.
  • Purple Aura: This was given to her by XANA to use against Shadow. It gives her scythe a lethal poison that was designed to kill Shadow but it is useless against anything created by XANA. The poison can be released in the form of a poisonous miasma.
  • Pink Aura:
  • Blue Aura:
  • Indigo Aura:
  • White Aura:
  • Gray Aura:

Barrier: While in battle Gwen can summon a barrier to block attacks by spinning her scythe in her hands.

Flight: Gwen’s character is unique for hers in the only one that can fly without the use of a vehicle or needing virtual equipment to active it like Aelita’s. However for every five seconds she flies she loses one life point and she is unable to use her elemental auras during flight.

Weapon Summoning: Unlike any of the other fighters Gwen can summon back her scythe even it has fallen into the Digital Sea. She can throw it at monsters much like Yumi has done with her fans and it will return to her.


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