The Factory is a factory located in Boulogne-Billancourt, France, near Kadic. It used to be an old car factory, and was used by Franz Hopper as a base of operations in his experiments with Lyoko and Carthage. The Factory is considered to be Team Lyoko's headquarters.

The Factory is located in the middle of the Seine River, on what appears to be an artificial island. A bridge connects it to the mainland. A manhole on the bridge leads to the Sewers below; typically, members of Team Lyoko come up through this after travelling through the sewers from Kadic. The Factory can also be reached by boat; Team Lyoko used a dinghy in Plagued when XANA blocked the bridge.

The building itself is occasionally used in XANA's schemes; he most often uses the Factory Floor to make things, or attack our heroes. For example, XANA used the machinery there to make a robot in the episodes The Robots.

Factory floor planEdit

At ground level is the Factory Floor, which contains the entrance to the Factory Lift. Also, on this floor are the machine rooms of the factory.

Above the ground floor is the upper level of the factory. This consists of a walkway bordering the inside of the building. The upper level is where the bridge meets the factory, and hence where the characters normally enter; to get down to the ground floor, they swing down on cables.

Franz Hopper's machinery is located below the main level, and is normally accessed by the lift, although an alternate route, which goes through the Boiler Room, exists.

The Lab is the first room below the surface, and is where Jeremie monitors Team Lyoko's progress in Lyoko.

Directly below the Lab is the Scanner Room, which can also be accessed by a hatch from the Lab.

The bottommost room is the Supercomputer Room, which contains the supercomputer. It is accessible using a hatch from the Scanner Room. Jim can fit inside this hatch, though we have never seen him go into the hatch.